Picking A Going-Home Outfit For A Newborn

going out outfit for babyAfter anxiously waiting for nine long months it’s time to bring that precious new addition home so that they can meet their adoring fans friends and family. Like parents everywhere, all of us remember every nuance of the births of our children just like it was yesterday. There truly isn’t a more special time, so be sure to cherish every second!

As you think about preparing to bring baby home, all of us at Girls Crochet Headbands have no doubt your mind is swirling with questions, decisions (and maybe a mild level of panic, too!) Rest assured you’ll get everything under control—we promise! Take a few deep breaths and let’s talk about the fun stuff.  What will that adorable baby be wearing?

Pink, Blue—or Uni?

One of the benefits of finding out the gender early is having extra time to shop for gender-specific clothes. If you prefer to play the waiting game, don’t worry—there’s still plenty of time for someone (Daddy, maybe?) to slip away and pick something cutesy for your cutie. If the idea of your guy tackling this task gives you hives, send along someone with taste similar to yours to help him along. Whatever you choose, know that it’s perfect—and that there will be plenty of opportunities for you to shop for your little one. And besides—sometimes passing the baton is a great way to build confidence in your new parenting partner.

Comfort is Key

It doesn’t matter how cute the outfit—if your baby isn’t comfortable, it’s not going to work.  Choose soft, breathable fabrics over something stiff and itchy. If the outfit can be laundered at home, consider washing it before the big day to avoid any irritation from the material. Make sure that there isn’t an abundance of fabric that would make it difficult to safely secure your precious bundle in the car seat.

Consider a Spare (or Two)

News flash: babies are messy little creatures! And to be honest, they really don’t care that it took you weeks to pick out the ‘perfect’ outfit for their homecoming. Packing a spare outfit or two is now your normal and will be for several years. When packing outfits, try picking coordinating sets or items so that the same accessories or shoes can be worn even if you have to pull out the spare.

Newborns Can Accessorize, Too!

Even the smallest fashionistas can express themselves with fun accessories.  Consider our soft crochet headbands or our crochet hats with one of our bows or flower clips. Adding accessories is the quickest way to jazz up a basic outfit and also helps put the emphasis on that precious baby face that you want to cover with kisses!

No matter what you decide, don’t forget to have fun. These milestone moments pass all too quickly, so make sure you soak up every second. And although you’ll no doubt have a blast picking the perfect outfit, know that your little cutie will steal the show no matter what he or she is wearing.

There’s not much that all of us on the GCH team love more than looking at baby photos, so feel free to stop by our Facebook page and share your bundle of joy’s going-home photo. Congratulations on your precious new arrival!



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