Fall Fashion on a Budget

fall fashion on a budgetLike most parents, you probably love to outfit your little ones in the latest styles, but buying fall fashion on a budget is no small challenge. But kids outgrow clothes so fast—and if you’re like us, you’re always looking for a way to find fashionable, on-trend clothing while stretching a buck at the same time. Here are some tips for making fall fashion affordable—and stylish!

Buy fashion staples at the end of the season

Certain items like jeans and clothing with a hint of animal print are always in style for fall. Stock up during clearance sales at the end of this fall season, purchasing classic styles in next year’s sizes.

Get your coupon on

Retail stores are vying for your business now more than ever, and one way they do it is through coupons. Sign up online for your favorite retail store’s newsletter so you’ll always have the latest coupon at the ready. Also check out coupon websites like Retailmenot.com for the latest printable in-store retail coupons and coupon codes for online shopping.

Thrift away

Know what you’re looking for and hit the thrift stores, mom to mom sales, and garage sales to get classic clothing items by great kids’ brands that are always in fashion. “Label-shop” – look for high-end clothes with designer labels because they are often well cared for. If you’re indeed hitting the thrift store, call and ask when their sales are. Many chains have 50% off sales at the end of the month so you can score some great bargains on classic fall fashions.

Shop specialty discount stores

Several retail chains such as TJ Maxx exclusively sell first-quality, in-season designer merchandise at a discount. These stores are a good bet for finding the latest fall styles that are adorable and affordable.

Host a swap

Everyone loves a good party, right? We love Katja Presnal’s suggestion on Lifetime Moms to host a swap party. Gather up a few of your parent friends and ask everyone to bring some gently worn clothing and accessories they’re looking to trade. Set up some tables so people can display their wares, then swap away! Bonus points if you mix up a delicious pitcher of sangria and throw in some hors d’oeuvres, too.


Trendy accessories make any outfit stand out.  Spicing up some staple pieces like a denim skirt with some affordable lace leggings or topping off an outfit with a hip Kufi hat and animal-print hair bow will give you endless inexpensive options to make any outfit chic.

At GCH, we love being creative to keep our kids’ fashions (and yours, too) up-to-the-minute while on a budget. How do you keep your family looking “all the rage” without spending all your cash?

Image by seniorliving.org via Creative Commons


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