How to Accessorize a School Uniform

how to accessorize a school uniformFor many parents, including some of us on the GCH team, “back-to-school” time also means back to school uniforms. Good-bye fun and funky clothes of summer, hello standardized outfits! Although uniforms are convenient, they can get a little hum-drum when it comes to style. Never fear! We’ve got some fun, affordable ways to accessorize uniforms to keep your child feeling fashionable and unique. So before you break out the collared shirts, khaki pants and skirts, check out our tips and grab a copy of your school’s uniform code to see what areas you’re allowed to personalize.

Dress up those tresses

Many school uniform codes allow the students free reign as far as hair accessories go, so you can make any outfit shine with our affordable headbands or flower clips.  If your school is strict on the color of hair accessories, no worries! Our bows come in three sizes and are available in all the basic uniform colors to go with your school plaid or add pizzazz to your solid polos. Pair our versatile clips and headbands with some inventive ponytails and braids (you can see some of our favorite hairstyles on our “Girls Hairstyles” Pinterest board), and your little girl will stand out in the uniform crowd.

Brighten up uniform skirts with unique leg wear

Uniform skirts and jumpers are cute, but they can be chilly—and that means an excellent opportunity to accessorize! Keep your daughter’s legs warm and fashionable with textured tights or leggings that match her uniform colors. Leg warmers or ruffled socks are other cute options to keep little legs toasty and add some unexpected flair to an otherwise basic ensemble.

Add a touch of bling

If your uniform code allows, a few colored bangles on your girlie-girl’s wrist or a trendy necklace will brighten up her outfit and help her express her sense of style. If she’s got pierced ears, go for some tasteful, cute flower earrings or glittery studs to help her sparkle.

Finish off the look with cute shoes

Many schools let students express themselves through footwear within a set of rules (in my kids’ case, anything goes as long as they’re close-heel, close-toed), so help your child pick out school shoes that are functional and fabulous! Whether you opt for bright pink Mary Janes or tennis shoes that sparkle, every girl loves a cute pair of shoes. Or try embellishments like colored laces or shoe clips (which are super easy to make, like this pair from Under EL Sol. Just size down to fit your kiddo’s kicks). If your school has stricter rules on footwear, do your best to help your child find something that abides by the rules while staying distinctive. Having a pair she loves really will help her look and feel like an individual.

As you break out the khakis, polos, and jumpers out for school uniforms this fall, don’t forget to use these tips and add something extra to keep your little one’s look fresh! With our fun, affordable accessories, her style can be new every day without breaking the bank.

Does your child wear uniforms to school? What’s your favorite way to accessorize?

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