Our 5 Favorite iPad Fashion Apps for Kids

fashion ipad apps for kidsOne thing we love about the iPad is that it’s not just a great tool for parents—kids love it, too! And the apps—oh, the apps. Education, music, art, astronomy—it seems there’s no limit to what you can do on a tablet! Of course, here at GCH, we always keep an eye out for fashion-related apps. Whether your little style icon wants to dress his or her virtual counterpart, Hello Kitty or Usborne characters, don’t worry—there’s an app for that! Here are our top 5 favorite fashion iPad apps to help your little Betsey Johnson or Ralph Lauren get their creative juices flowing!

Hello Kitty Dress-Up

This app features every little girl’s favorite feline and a whole lot of fashion. It’s simple and easy to use even for the littlest iPad user. Kids simply touch different icons on the screen to give Hello Kitty a new dress, bow, purse, and even accessories. There are dozens of possible outfit combinations to keep kitty looking chic. Price: Free.

Pickle’s Paper Dolls

This app features girls from six different cultures for your kiddo to outfit. Although there isn’t a lot of cultural variety in the clothing, there’s a bit of a geography and language lessons mixed in with the fashion fun to help your kiddos learn while they play.  Pickle’s Paper Dolls also features a few hundred clothing items and accessories to choose from, as well as two dozen different background choices. Price: $1.99.

Try it On

Try it On is a unique app because it allows your little fashionista to dress herself! Simply take a picture of your pint-sized model on the iPad and upload it into the app. Your child can try a variety of different outfits and hairstyles on themselves, or use the model that comes with the app. Users can even email their fashion creations or upload them to Facebook for instant sharing—not to mention inspiration for your next shopping trip.  This app is all sorts of stylish fun! Price: Free, with the option to buy additional outfits for $.99.

Fashion Monkey Dressup HD

This silly app offers tons of styling delight. Though not your typical fashion model, the Fashion Monkey is cute and quirky and comes with oodles of different outfits, accessories, and more. You can even change Monkey’s skin tone, if you wish. This app allows for a lot of creativity and is fairly gender-neutral—perfect for your aspiring Tommy Hilfiger.  Price: Free, with the option to purchase more outfits & accessories for $.99.

Usborne Sticker Dolly Dressing

The popular Usborne book series comes to life in this dress-up app. Not only can your child dress the dolls in clothes, she can also create whole scenes by dressing up the backgrounds with dogs, cats, ice cream and over 50 other objects. Background settings include a beach, shopping scene, a wedding and a dance. This app also lets the child use a pinching motion to re-size the dolls, clothes and other objects. Price: $4.99

These fashion-forward apps are not only great for creativity, but for a variety of educational uses as well. Who knew fashion could be so smart? OK, OK—we did!

What kinds of apps do your kids enjoy?

Image by flickingerbrad via Creative Commons

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