Why We Think Girls Tutu Skirts Are Too-Too Terrific

why we love girls tutusNothing embodies fashion, femininity, and fun quite like a girls tutu skirt! Isn’t it every little girl’s dream to twirl and flounce around in layers of fluffy fun? And the great thing—tutus for toddlers and little girls aren’t just for ballet anymore! In fact, they have all kinds of fabulous functions from practical to fantastical. We’ve got a few reasons why tutus for little girls are more than just a pretty piece of clothing.

Tutus are great for dress-up, and dress-up is great for learning.  A girls’ tutu skirt is the foundational piece of your little one’s dress-up wardrobe. A fluffy, twirly skirt can take her from being a princess to a ballerina to a butterfly, all in an afternoon. But there’s more to dressing up than just fun. According to Education.com, dress-up play is essential to a child’s development. When your child dresses up and uses her imagination, she’s not only unlocking her creativity, she’s learning and growing psychologically and socially in ways we can only imagine. So when you’re outfitting her in a tutu skirt, you’re helping her make great strides along the path to developmental fitness, as well as on the path to play!

Tutus for toddlers are comfortable and easy. Most young children shy away from clothing that’s restrictive, and tutus are anything but! A tutu’s signature stretchy waistband and free-floating skirt make them easy to run, jump, and yes of course, twirl in—and just think how smashing she’ll look at the grocery store! When it comes to potty training, there’s no item of clothing that’s more easy on, easy off than a tutu. Tutus for toddlers are so easy for little ones who want to feel BIG to take on and off by themselves. Pair one with some cute leg warmers and keep your tot warm and comfy during all those potty sessions. Potty training will seem more fun when she can do it in her favorite girly gear!

Tutus make an outfit extraordinary. Let’s face it, tutus aren’t just for dress up anymore—they’re often the centerpiece of a darling outfit! Top off a pair of leggings with a trendy, brightly colored tutu skirt for a special occasion, a photo shoot, or even just another day at preschool. Throw on a cardigan over one of our stretchy tutu tops for an outing to the park! They’re her favorite thing to wear, so why not build some chic and comfortable outfits around them? Not only will your girly-girl look adorable, she’ll feel incredible and confident in an outfit topped off with a tutu!

Want to add learning, fun, and function to your little girl’s life? Just pick out a tutu or two and see where it takes her! Who knew one little skirt could have so many applications to her worlds – real and imaginary?


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