5 Tips to Organize Girls Hair Accessories

diy flower hair clip holderHere at GCH, it’s probably no surprise to hear that we love—lovegirls’ accessories. And we know you do, too! One thing we don’t love? Keeping them tidy and organized! Often times it’s not matching the perfect accessory to the perfect outfit that’s the problem—it’s finding the perfect accessory. It’s not unusual for headbands or flower hair clips or hair bows to be scattered around the house or in a big pile in the bathroom. If you can you relate, don’t worry! We’re here to help you keep them organized and ready to use.

5 Tips to Organize Girls Hair Accessories

Ready, Set, Purge!

Gather all of your little one’s accessories and throw away any that are broken, stretched out or are in overall poor condition. Getting rid of everything you no longer use makes it easier to see what you really have. If she’s not going to wear it, why keep it?

Take Inventory

What’s left?  Divide the hair accessories by type: hair bows, headbands, flower hair clips, barrettes, elastic ties, bobby pins, etc. Take a look at the sizes of the different groups to find a storage solution that fits your needs. Consider small storage drawers or baskets for your smaller items like bobby pins and elastic ties—we love how Erin of Sunny Side Up uses a combination of draw organizers and small storage containers to divide and store a variety of girls’ hair accessories. As a bonus? This is a great time of year to stock up on organizational supplies—you’ll likely be able to score big during any lingering back-to-school sales.

Location, Location, Location

What makes sense for you might not for someone else. Store your accessories where you typically use them. Is the bathroom your Accessorizing Command Center? Set up shop there. Prefer to keep hair adornments in your daughter’s room? Make that the focal point of your organizational efforts. Ideally, any hair accessories will be easy to grab with one hand, as it’s not unusual to have the other hand holding the perfect hairstyle.

DIY Organization Solutions

Look through your home and see if you can find items to repurpose as accessory organizers. For example, an over-the-door shoe organizer can be quickly converted into a hair bow organizer. A silverware drawer organizer seamlessly corrals smaller items in a bathroom drawer. This is a perfect time to channel your inner DIY spirit, too. Just take a cue from GCH Facebook fan Michelle Vavra. She made the adorable accessory holder (pictured at the top of the post) using an over-the-door towel hanger and ribbon. She attached the pieces of ribbon to the towel hanger with hot glue, and also hot glued a quarter at the bottom of each ribbon piece to provide some weight and support. She topped off the piece with additional ribbon trim at the top and personalized it with her daughter’s name. Voila—instant flower hair clip holder. And for only a few bucks? What a deal!

Or try this idea from Cherie at The Ribbon Retreat, who created a headband holder out of adorable fabric, ribbon, buttons, a fabric flower and an empty Quaker oatmeal container! Brilliant, right?

A Little Every Day

If you spend a minute each day putting the accessory back where it belongs you’ll find that they’re always organized. And trust us—it’s far less daunting to do a little each day than to tackle a mountain of accessories at once! Teach your daughter your system and how to return the item to its home when she’s done. She’ll love to help out (well, we’ll stay optimistic on that front)!

Accessories are fun and can make the outfit, but if you can’t find them when you want them they aren’t much fun at all. We hope these tips and projects will help give you a burst of organization inspiration. And if you feel like sharing, we’d love to see pictures of your accessories organization solutions! Feel free to stop by our Facebook page and post a photo.


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