Affordable Halloween Costumes: A Zebra How To

affordable girls zebra costumeOne thing we love about this time of year is being able to get creative and come up with affordable Halloween costumes. And when it comes to how to make adorable zebra Halloween costumes—well, we’re more than a little obsessed! We love all things zebra print—what about you?

But we digress. Back to Halloween challenges. Like you, every year we’re ready to top – and well, sometimes over-the-top – our kids’ costumes of Halloweens past. The problem? As you well know, sometimes creativity can get expensive—and, worse, we all end up with a lot of costumes and accessories that only get one use, then they’re immediately destined for the donation pile! That’s why the GCH team is working to put together some super creative, super cute costume ideas that don’t break the bank.

To start things off, there’s no better time to share a terrific tutorial on how to make an affordable, adorable Zebra costume. Here goes …

How to Create an Affordable, Adorable Zebra Halloween Costume

Step 1: Build your costume around a tutu. Our zebra girls’ tutu skirts are wild and whimsical with an every day price that’s down-to-earth. Your little zebra can gallop, twirl, and sashay from Beggar’s Night to nursery school in this striped delight!

Step 2: Add a T-shirt or onesie.  A plain black, hot pink or plain white tee is inexpensive, easy to come by, and probably already in her wardrobe. And this solid color—no matter which one you settle on–sets off the zebra-print tutu flawlessly.

Step 3: Keep those zebra legs toasty and trendy with a pair of our adorably affordable zebra-print leg warmers. Little zebras gallop much faster when their stripey legs are warm, you know!

Step 4: Top off your little zebra’s look with a black Kufi hat and zebra-print flower clip.  These darling touches will add sweetness to that wild animal and inspire smiles and second glances from all who lay eyes on your little beast! Bring a little glamour to the wild and it won’t be soon forgotten.

Follow these fun and frugal steps and you’ve got yourself a cute costume with completely re-usable components that she’ll wear again and again and again, and for a fraction of the cost! What could be more wild and wonderful than that this Halloween season?

If you opt to include our whimsical zebra costume in this year’s Halloween line-up, we’d love to see a photo from the big day! Feel free to stop by our Facebook page and share. Happy Halloween!


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