How To Use A Girls Tutu To Create A Ghost Costume

tutu ghost costumeHalloween is upon us and we’re on a mission to create cute and affordable costumes. Today, we’ve figured out how to create a darling ghost costume using one of our twirly girls tutus.

And the best part? After that after-school party, parade, and a night of trick and treating you can reuse the tutu and other GCH pieces, making this a wonderful option for you and your budget. Hooray for fun, fanciness and frugality!

Our team at GCH is full of treats (pun intended)—so without further ado, here’s a super fun, super easy Halloween costume for you.

The Ghostest With the Mostest

Gone are the days of the under-accessorized ghost costume. We’ve created the cutest little ghost with a plain white t-shirt, tutu, U-shaped headband, hair bow, and leg warmers. And, we think you’ll agree—this little ghost is welcome to “BOO” us anytime.

girls ghost costume

Isn’t it ridiculous? And so much cuter than some of the store-bought options. Not to mention a nod to mom and her creative style. In case you love this little ghost costume as much as we do, we’ve provided your shopping list if you’d like to recreate it:

  1. White U-shaped Headband
  2. Black Basic Bow, 4”
  3. Plain White T-shirt or Onesie
  4. Black Felt – Cut for eyes and mouth
  5. White Felt – Cut for whites of eyes
  6. Fabric glue to attach eyes and mouth to shirt
  7. Basic White Tutu
  8. White with Black Dots Cotton Leg Warmers

This costume came together in a matter of minutes. We freehanded the eyes and mouth of the ghost and you can, too. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect–it’s well-known that ghost faces should be a little wonky. In fact, it’s encouraged.

And that twirly girls tutu, leg warmers and hair bow? There’s no telling how many times she’ll continue to wear those! A win for both the wardrobe and the pocketbook!

Stay tuned for more fun and affordable (and re-usable!) Halloween costumes from Girls Crochet Headbands!

Lead image by kkimpel via Creative Commons


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