Lace Baby Rompers Are A Photographer’s Dream

lace baby rompers for photosOne of the most fun things about having a baby is playing “dress-up” with your living doll for a photo shoot—and our lace rompers are a beautiful, comfortable way to bring out her inner princess. We get a kick out of everyday girls’ fashion, but we especially love choosing outfits for photos—and we hope you treasure these moments, too! After all, your babies won’t be little for long, but you’ll have the photographic evidence forever (especially when you need to embarrass them in front of their friends in 15 years).

If you, like us, have watched your little pumpkin on the other side of the lens, you know that photography is, in a way, a co-dependent experience. You count on the photographer of your choice to capture amazing shots of your tiny sweetheart, and your photographer in turn counts on you to outfit and style your baby for maximum contentment and cuteness. We’re going to do you and your photographer both a solid and let you in on a little secret: lace baby rompers for photo shoots are a photographer’s dream! Here’s why lace rompers for baby girls make the perfect outfit for portraits. And before we dive in, don’t forget that our lace rompers are 10% off through midnight CST on Sunday, Sept. 16. Now you have no excuse to avoid shopping, right?

Solid Colors Emphasize Your Baby’s Facial Expressions

There’s no doubt that rompers are eye-catching, and there are dozens of solid colors to choose from that simply complement – rather than distract from – your baby’s natural beauty. Bright colors are fabulous for a fun photo shoot while cream, black, and white work wonders for a more serious portrait session. Stripes and patterns are great for every day or special occasions, but a solid lace romper will dress baby up without taking the focus off of her pretty face.

Lace Baby Rompers Keep Babies and Toddlers Comfortable

You know that keeping your baby comfy plays a huge role in keeping her happy at any time, especially during a photo session.  Lace rompers are the perfect comfortable garment because they are stretchy and move with baby like a second skin. As an added bonus? They’re also difficult for your little one to pull out of place! Their one-piece design ensures that there’s no need to pause portrait sessions to tug a shirt into position, or yank baby’s skirt off of her head and back down over her legs! In short, this is a piece of clothing that will stay put and that your kiddo will be content to wear before and after the camera is on.

They’re Incredibly Versatile

Lace rompers are so very versatile—which is another reason we love them. They can be worn in the summer with a pair of barefoot sandals or paired with snuggly leg warmers, a Kufi hat and a cardi in the winter. For a photo shoot, they’re extra easy because you can add a girls’ tutu skirt over the romper and let it serve like a top, with adorably flouncy bloomers underneath.

They’re Simply Gorgeous

Okay, so we’re biased. But our customers love ‘em, too! These beautiful baby rompers feature layers and layers of lace topped off with lace straps and a darling satin bow. They wrap your little one up like a pretty present, and they scream “ADORABLE!!”  They dress up any portrait background – indoor or outdoor, plain or elaborate – and they showcase your darling girl’s natural femininity and charm! We’re a huge fan of lace rompers not only because they’re gorgeous—they’re easy to accessorize, too. Top one off with a headband and flower clip for a complete look that’s simply stunning and age-appropriate, not to mention one she can wear again and again, whether as a complete look or by mixing and matching the pieces with other ensembles!

Next time you schedule a session with a professional photographer to capture sweet memories of your little girl’s childhood, plan on purchasing a lace romper or two for the shoot. Your photographer will love it and you’ll adore the results!

Have a photo of your little angel all dolled up in one of our rompers? We’d love to see! Feel free to stop by our Facebook page and share your princess’s portrait.


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