Affordable Halloween Costumes: The Versatility of Rompers

halloween costumes with lace rompersIt’s mid-September and if you’re like the moms on the GCH team (and our kids) you’re already OB-SESS-ING about what Halloween costumes the kids will wear in a few short weeks. And while we love to flex our creative costume muscle, we also love the idea of costumes that don’t break the bank—and that are created out of fashionable components that can easily be worn again.

After all, who wants to fork out a bunch of cash for a costume that will only see the light of day two times at best?  Not us! So we’ve come up with a few great ideas to build costumes around lace rompers for baby girls to give your sweet pea a Halloween look that is unique, affordable and re-usable.

chick halloween costumeUse a yellow lace romper for a chick costume. What’s cuter than a sweet baby chick?  A yellow lace romper makes a great fluffy chick body, and is easy to complete by gluing a few yellow feathers (found at your local craft store) to an elastic headband. We flipped the headband inside-out so that after Halloween the feathers can be removed and no glue marks will be left on the outside of the headband, making it ready to wear again! For extra cuteness, grab some orange socks to make little chick feet.

angel costume with romperA white lace romper makes an out-of-this world angel costume. You already know your daughter’s an angel—now you can easily dress her up like one! Use a white lace romper as her angel’s garment, and a yellow crochet headband for her halo! Zoom off to the craft store to pick up a pair of wings and you’re ready for a heavenly Halloween!

romper halloween costumesA green lace romper is perfect for plant life! Let your imagination run wild with this one. Your little one is growing like a weed; why not make her into a pretty plant for Halloween? Using a green lace romper as a “stem”, you can top her off with felt flower petals attached to a U-shaped or crochet headband. Or, put a green crochet beanie on top and cover her head with a bevy of blossoms using a variety of flower hair clips. She can be one pretty pansy or a whole bed of daisies!

These DIY romper-based costumes are sure to be the hit of your local Halloween celebration! And since the rompers, headbands, and flower clips can be worn again and again, these are costumes that will win awards without mom and dad having to lose a lot of cash.

Have you ever made a DIY costume? What will your kiddos be trick-or-treating as this year? We’d love to hear your ideas!


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