How To Use A Girls Tutu To Create A Clown Costume

clown costume with girls tutuEven though fall isn’t quite here, the Girls Crochet Headbands team has officially given ourselves over to the Halloween frenzy by continuing our obsession with making DIY costumes from our flouncy girls’ tutu skirts. Today’s offering? A new twist on the classic clown! This costume will get appreciative “awws” as well as chuckles! But it’s mom and dad who’ll have the last laugh when this affordable costume becomes an every day outfit or two when trick-or-treating is done (good riddance, perpetual sugar high!).

That’s One Cute Clown

Little girls have been rocking clown costumes for decades, but never in quite such an adorably feminine way! Your little jokester will be the talk of the trick-or-treating circuit in this giggly ensemble. Inspired by this comedic cuteness? Here’s what you need to make your little twirly girl into a clown this Halloween.

  1. Red Crochet Headband
  2. Big Red Bow
  3. White tutu top
  4. Basic red girls tutu skirt
  5. Plastic nose and glasses (we got ours at the dollar store for…you guessed it…$1!)
  6. Giant bow tie or other prop (also from the dollar store)
  7. Face paint (yep, dollar store!)

This costume was ridiculously easy to assemble! Simply get your girl dressed, paint her face however you like (less is more when your child is 5 and under), add on some props, and voila – the cutest jester that ever joked is ready to do some tricks and get some treats!

The best part about this ensemble? When she’s rung that last doorbell and secured her final treat, her tutu, tutu top, headband and bow can go right back in her wardrobe for the next time she’s feeling fancy! That’s a costume that’s frugal, fashionable, funny and fabulous! Oh, and one more thing—now’s the perfect time to stock up on your Halloween supplies at Girls Crochet Headbands. This week only, all tutus are 10% off. Just use code “tutus” (case-sensitive) and finish your shopping by midnight on Sunday, September 23.

Are you in full-on Halloween frenzy yet? How are you planning to save money on Halloween this season?

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