How To Use A Girls Tutu To Create An Angry Birds Costume

girls' Angry Birds Halloween costumeThe leaves are changing color and Starbucks is serving Pumpkin Spice Lattes, which can only mean one thing: Halloween will be here before we know it! The GCH team loves Halloween and we’ve been celebrating the season for awhile now by cooking up affordable (and adorable) costume ideas. If you’re like us, your kids love playing all things Angry Birds, and we were inspired by our Angry Birds flower hair clip to come up with a pretty little Angry Birdie costume using one of our fabulously fun girls’ tutu skirts. This costume will be popular with every little trick-or-treater and it’s totally unique! What makes it especially awesome? Its components can be worn again on their own as fashionable pieces of other outfits, unlike most costumes that are functional today, useless tomorrow!

angry birds halloween costume with tutu

Birds of a Feather

Angry Birds are all over the place, from apps to real-life board games to their own line of candy! Your little darling can be the cutest Angry Bird around and say “Trick or Tweet” in this totally girly costume.  This bird knows how to ruffle some feathers! Want one of your own? Here’s a list of the supplies you need to make this girly Angry Bird costume.

  1. Red Crochet Headband
  2. Angry Bird Flower Hair Clip
  3. White tutu top
  4. Basic red girls tutu skirt
  5. Colored cardboard or construction paper (red, yellow, black)
  6. Ribbon or elastic to attach mask
  7. Optional: colored feathers

This costume was ready in a snap! The only part you have to make is the mask. Trace and cut cardboard in the shape of the bird’s face, then cut black eyebrows and a triangle for a yellow beak. Cut two holes for eyes and use a hole punch to make holes in each side to attach the elastic or ribbon strap. Attach the beak and eyebrows with white glue and let dry. When it’s time to go, clip the Angry Birds flower clip in her crochet headband and stick a few colored feathers in the headband for some extra flair.  After those few simple steps, your Angry Birdie will be ready to fly off to her Halloween festivities!

When the trickin’ and the treatin’ are complete, simply store these costume items in her wardrobe to be worn again when she wants to look snazzy! Save the tutu and headband for Christmas or Valentine’s Day, or let her wear them any time it suits her fancy.

We’re having so much fun putting together these frugal, re-usable costume ideas! What costume ideas are you DIY-ing this Halloween?


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