How To Use A Girls Tutu To Create A Grape Costume

girls grape Halloween costumeCan you feel it in the air? It’s almost trick-or-treating time and the Girls Crochet Headbands’ mission to create adorable and affordable Halloween costumes continues! Today we’ve got a quick tutu-torial (pun intended!) to show you how to make a fast & easy grape costume for your little girl using one of our terrific tutu skirts. As if that’s not delicious enough, there’s a bonus: after the candy’s been counted, you can take this costume apart and wear the items again on their own or as part of other darling outfits! Fun, functional, and frugal—we don’t know about you, but those are three of our favorite words!

Fruit of the Swoon

Fruit costumes are eye-catching and unique – she’ll really stand out in the crowd in this grape-a-licious get-up! Could you just eat this up or what? And it’s so unlike anything you’ll see in the costume aisle at the store! If you’re as into this pretty purple costume as we are, here’s a shopping list to get you started making your own:

  1. Green Crochet Headband
  2. Kelly Green Basic Bow
  3. Purple t-shirt or onesie  (already had this one in the wardrobe from Old Navy, cost: $5)
  4. Basic purple girls tutu skirt
  5. 5-8 purple balloons
  6. Double-sided tape to attach the balloons to her clothing
  7. Purple tights or leggings

This costume just took a few minutes to make. The most labor-intensive part was blowing up the balloons! After they’re inflated, simply attach them to her t-shirt and tutu wherever you like. Go for a random grape pattern or make your bunch symmetrical. It’s totally up to you!

After trick-or-treating, pop those balloons and get ready to use that tutu, headband and bow over and over again as parts of her favorite outfits. (Psst—the green will look great at Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day, FYI!).

Keep your eyes (and maybe your grapes) peeled for more awesome and affordable costume ideas from the Girls Crochet Headbands team coming soon!

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