Why We’re Addicted To Instagram

addicted to instagramInsta-what?

Instagram is our latest addiction. In a nutshell, Instagram boosts the power of your mobile camera by adding fun filters, social interaction and a photo stream that’s similar to the Facebook newsfeed.

Admitting You Have a ‘Problem’

Do you know someone who’s been overtaken by the Instagram phenomenon? Do they approach the monotony of the day with artsy angles and fuzzy filters? Have you had to view one too many of their “Nom Nom Nom Lunches?” What’s that, you say? You may be guilty of all of this, too? Well, my friends, we’re here to help you with your Instagram addiction.

Everybody’s Doin’ It

Instagram addiction is real. It currently affects over 100 million users in varying degrees. The ‘light users’ are the ones that occasionally post pictures of their children or pets but do not have the urge to document and share every aspect of their day.  A ‘heavy user’ is defined as one that’s constantly on the lookout for photo-worthy shots (and the term photo-worthy is subjective). The more serious cases can become dangerous, as it’s common to experience physical harm while trying to capture the perfect shot. If you or someone you know has suffered Instagram-induced injuries it may be time to seek professional help.

What’s the Appeal?

Now that we know the “what” it’s time to discuss the “why.” Why are we so hung up on this app? You know the saying, “a picture speaks a thousand words”—and it’s so very true. As a society morphing more and more into the social space, we love the idea of sharing our world with others, especially when it can be done on the fly and with a tool that’s always omnipresent – in our pockets or in our hands. It’s also pretty doggone fun to be a fly on the wall and observe (and capture) the various ways that others spend their days. This, of course, is why sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have changed the way our world operates.

Next Steps 

You’ve admitted you have a ‘problem,’ you’ve learned why it’s so appealing, so…what’s next? That’s easy–the next step is to realize that in the grand scheme of things an Instagram addiction isn’t so bad, unless you find yourself missing out on life because you’re viewing it through your smartphone. If you’re really loving Instagram, then embrace it. Consider it your version of the journals of yesteryear. And, while you’re at it check out a pre-production product that will hopefully be available for purchase in the near future. The InstaCube streams your Instagram photos so everyone can enjoy them while you’re at the dining room table photographing your “Best Mac & Cheese EVAH!”

Image by Jason A. Howie via Creative Commons

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