Make A Fruit Halloween Costume Using A Lace Baby Romper

lace baby romperDid you catch our first post on how to make an affordable Halloween costume using a lace baby romper? If so, you’ll be thrilled to know we’ve got some new ideas for how to make costumes out of this lacy little outfit that won’t cost big bucks and will leave your romper in shape to wear again and again!

Your baby is as sweet as fresh fruit, so why not dress her up like some? Fruit costumes are adorable and unique—she’ll definitely stand out on Halloween and you’ll get some adorable photos, too. Here are a couple of cutie-fruity costume ideas using lace baby rompers.

lemon halloween costumeLovely Lemon

A cheery lemon yellow romper is perfect for turning your sweet kiddo into a sour fruit! Simply top the romper with a yellow crochet beanie on her head and a green hair bow for a lemon leaf, and you’ve got yourself the sweetest sour citrus that ever trick-or-treated!

strawberry halloween costumeSweet, Sweet Strawberry

To make a strawberry, start with a red romper.  Then, cut out and attach felt leaves to a ribbon or headband she can wear around her neck.  Top the look off with a green Kufi hat or crochet headband with a green hair bow for good measure. Your little strawberry will be so “berry” adorable!

apple halloween costumeThe Apple of Your Eye

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but an apple costume on Halloween will attract lots of admirers!  An apple costume using a red lace baby romper as the apple body is as simple as can be! To top off this fruity costume, cut out and attach a felt brown stem and green leaf (or a green hair bow) to a red crochet beanie and – ta da! You’ve got the prettiest apple in the orchard! If you want your apple to be round, just add some cotton padding inside the stretchy romper – there’s plenty of room! For a funny touch, glue some googly eyes onto a long brown sock and have baby wear it on her arm as a worm!

We hope you love these unique fruit costume ideas that will get her noticed on Halloween and leave a beautiful outfit and accessories in great shape so that your baby girl can wear them again and again!

What creative costume ideas do you have planned for your kids this year?

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