Girls Hair Accessories Are the Hit of the Birthday Party

birthday party gift ideasAs soon as your kids hit preschool, it begins – the “BPB,” otherwise known as the Birthday Party Barrage. And whether you’re planning your own munchkin’s birthday celebration or headed to a friend’s festivities, weekends quickly become filled with cupcakes, bouncy houses and presents – oh, the presents! It’s often hard to know what to get the birthday kid, and you don’t want to drop a lot of money on a present that will soon be buried in a toy box.  Well, never fear! We’ve solved this party problem with some creative and inexpensive ways to use headbands, flower hair clips, and hair bows to make birthday parties great!

A Perfectly Pretty Present

Can we be honest? When it’s your own child having a birthday, getting a ton of new toys at one time can be overwhelming in terms of function and storage space. Personally, we on the Girls Crochet Headbands team prefer to have a few practical gifts thrown in the pile as well. Why not give your daughter’s friends some beautiful hair bows, flower clips, and headbands this time around? Throw in a twirly tutu as another inexpensive, show-stopping and practical present. These are gifts she will love and be able to use over and over again. Her mom will surely be pleased and your daughter will skyrocket to the top of the “favorite friends” list!

Ravishing Wrapping

If you still want to buy the birthday girl something to play with, why not buy her a small toy but include an elastic headband and flower hair clip as part of the wrapping? The package will be the most beautiful box she’ll open, and the wrapping décor can be incorporated into her hair accessories wardrobe. A present that’s fun and functional can’t be beat!

Gorgeous Goody Bags

Every kid lives for the goody bag at the end of a party, and every parent hates putting them together. Finding candy and a bunch of small, cheap toys to go in the bags can be a pain, and – again with the honesty – most parents would rather those cheap trinkets (that we all know are going to break after five minutes of play) not come home with their child. Next time your girly-girl has a birthday party, why not fill her friends’ goody bags with some affordably priced crochet headbands and a couple of mini hair bows? Even better, purchase our promo pack of headbands and flower clips to use in goody bags and really get a bang for your buck! They will be the prettiest goody bags they’ve ever received, and your guests’ parents will love their contents! Imagine goody bag items that can be used again and again instead of being lost or thrown out the same day. That’s what we call a win-win!

If you want your child to be the most popular party guest and hostess on the circuit, incorporating our inexpensive, gorgeous and functional products into gifts and goody bags is the way to go.

What’s the most fun and practical gift your child has ever received?


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