Boy Mamas: Leg Warmers Make Boys Happy Too

football arm warmers for boysFall sports are in full swing and so are sports-themed fashions! That’s why our soccer and football leg warmers are such sought-after accessories for your little girl’s legs. There’s no doubt about it: these sports leg warmers are fun and functional products. But creative mamas already know the best part about them: these trendy, toasty warmers aren’t just for legs, and they aren’t just for little girls. Our leg warmers work great as arm warmers on older kids, and boys love them, too!

Boys, try ‘em on for size!

Blogger Jen Bradshaw snapped a pic (right) of her little guy rockin’ these football leg warmers like a boss!

sports arm warmers for boysSo we decided to try this look out on some older boys, too.  Are they cool or what?

These arm and leg warmers can take your outfit just about anywhere. Whether worn underneath a short-sleeved tee at practice or with a jersey on game day, soccer leg warmers are a fashionable, unisex way to keep arms warm and stylin’. Likewise, our football leg warmers look great on masculine and feminine arms and are perfect to wear all day long to show your team spirit at school on game day or when watching the big game on TV at home!

Whether you’ve got little ones at home or older boys or girls, these sports-themed leg warmers are a fun, fashionable, team spirit-filled way to celebrate fall sports and fashion at the same time. And that’s something that makes us at Girls Crochet Headbands want to stand up and cheer!

How do your kids like to wear our sports-themed leg warmers? Feel free to share your ideas in the comments or, better yet, stop by our Facebook page and share a photo of your kids’ sporty fashion.


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