5 Easy Halloween Crafts and Snacks to Make with Your Kids

Sometimes the epic hunt for the perfect Halloween costume can overshadow the fun of the Halloween season at large. Have you spent the past few weeks obsessing over your darling’s perfect trick-or-treat outfit? Well, now’s the time to stop and smell the candy corn! Grab those kiddos and try out these 5 fabulous and fun Halloween crafts and snacks we found on Pinterest. Check out our “Happy Halloween” board for the original pins and tons of other great spook-a-riffic ideas, too!

halloween pudding cupsHalloween Pudding Cups: Easiest snack ever! Have your kids draw monster faces on clear cups with a Sharpie (wear protective clothing, Sharpies are permanent!) while you make a batch of vanilla pudding. Use food coloring to tint the pudding green, and then have the kids help you crush up Oreos or chocolate graham crackers to sprinkle on top. Fast, tasty and yummy fun!

paper plate scarecrowPaper Plate Scarecrow: This is as simple as can be and teaches textures, too! Gather up a paper plate, some white glue, and lots of supplies for your kiddos to choose from. You can use felt, cardboard, buttons, construction paper, feathers, yarn…the possibilities are endless. Let your kids really explore their creativity as they make a one-of-a-kind scarecrow!

spider ice cubesSpider Ice Cubes: Make some creepy cubes for your kids’ drinks for a trick that’s a real treat! Grab a dollar bag of spider rings from the dollar store and cut the ring part off. Then put them in ice cube trays with red colored water or flavored juice. The kiddos will squeal when they sit down to dinner and see colorful spiders floating in their cups!

witch hat cookiesWitch Hat Cookies: This cute cookie treat couldn’t be any easier! Grab a box of cookies with chocolate on the bottom (like Keebler fudge stripes) and turn them upside down. Plop on a dot of orange icing and stick an unwrapped Hershey’s kiss on top, and voila—witch hat cookies! They’re sure to love such a wickedly wonderful snack!

eyes in the bushesEyes in the Bushes: Got toilet paper rolls?  Don’t throw them out! Here’s a kooky, spooky craft that re-uses those cardboard rolls. Gather as many as you like and cut different-shaped eyes in each of them. Have the kiddos color them black with a magic marker. Then, at night, place them all around your porch or in your trees and bushes with a colored glow stick inside to make creepy, glowing eyes appear! Add colored cellophane to the inside for extra spookiness. If you want to display them longer than just on Halloween, thread a string of Christmas lights through them and keep them up for days. This is sure to be the talk of the neighborhood!

Are you in the spooky spirit yet? Ready, set, go! You’ve got plenty of time to complete all five of these great ideas and so many more before Halloween arrives. What are your favorite crafty Halloween activities?

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