Why Artkive Will Be Your Favorite App Of All Time

artkive appI might have found my favorite app of all time and I predict that by the time you’re doing reading this post, you might just agree. Artkive is an app created by a dad to help parents store and share their kids’ artwork. Talk about something high on the “need” list!

With multiple kids in elementary school, it seems that the amount of artwork that comes home is often overwhelming. I mean, seriously, my kids are flippin’ talented. Of course. But I can’t save all of it. So I find myself picking out the best stuff and surreptitiously ditching the rest in the trash. Sound familiar?

Oh, and that pile that I am saving? You know, the stuff that’s so awesome that I have to save it and am totally going to put it into some kind of cool scrapbook or something? Yeah. You’ve got one of those piles, files, stacks, too? Well, since my kids’ baby pictures still aren’t all in those fancy scrapbooks I bought during my slight addiction to scrapbooking phase (have you had one of those, too?), the chances of that happening are, well, slim, at best.

Enter Artkive. Holy moly, is this ever cool. Don’t take my word for it, watch the video:

You can save kids’ artwork by date, grade, tag it, share it and even use it to make stuff. I am in heaven, I tell ya. Heaven! This is going to be a big project, but one that I can get started on now (to take care of my backlog) and use moving forward the minute the kids come in the door with their artwork. Of course this doesn’t mean I won’t still save things, but it just means that I’ll have a more complete, better preserved archive of their childhood work. Which we think is pretty awesome.

using artkive

One additional thing to note that we think is super cool: the sharing is not public facing–it’s link-based and directed only to the people you’ve included in your circles. So your “stuff” is yours, not in danger of being seen, used, etc. by anyone else.

artkive screenshot

And, by the way, this fabulous app that’s totally going to change your life—it’s free right now. So quit wasting any more time on this post and go download it—right now!!!! One quick note? Artkive is currently available for iOS devices–fingers crossed they create an Android version soon!

Image credits: Artkive


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