How To Make A DIY Headband Organizer

diy headband organizerHave we mentioned how much we at Girls Crochet Headbands love Pinterest? It’s such a great resource for all things DIY, from cooking to cleaning to organization. We know from those adorable pictures you all upload to our Facebook page that you and your daughters own a LOT of hair accessories – so we’ve been cruising Pinterest to find some easy, adorable ways to help you organize them. Today’s offering? This darling DIY headband holder by blogger Lyssa-Beth, featured by Jenn at Ruffled Sunshine.  We pinned it (and so many of you re-pinned it) because it’s a simple, gorgeous, and functional way to organize those headbands!

Storage + Organize = Storganize!

All you need for this crafty organizer is an oatmeal can, some scrapbooking paper, and a candle stand or something else cute on which to display it. To start, simply cover the oatmeal can with the scrapbook paper using your adhesive of choice. Add any other kind of décor you want—try satin or velvet ribbon, for example, or artsy cut-outs made from patterned paper or fabric scraps. Of course, you can also keep the organizer simple and let the headbands and flower hair clips provide the visual pizzazz—it’s up to you! Once you’re done, simply wrap your headbands around it, place the organizer on the candle holder and ta da! You’ve got a work of art that really works! Make it even more functional by using the inside of the can to store hairbrushes or other hair accessories.

Do you love this or what? It’s frugal, functional, and oh-so-nice to look at! That’s a pin for the win! If you want to try your hand at it, click here for the full tutorial.

How do you store and organize your headbands? Share with us by uploading a picture to our Facebook page!

Image via Lyssa-Beth


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