Halloween Crafts: Make A DIY Witch Trick or Treat Tote

diy trick-or-treat toteWhen we stumbled across this adorable witch trick-or-treat bag from Marcie of I Gotta Try That, we couldn’t wait to share it with you because it combines two of our favorite things: twirly girls’ tutu skirts and Halloween! Marcie was kind enough to share her step-by-step tutorial with us, and we can’t wait to make our very own witchy trick-or-treat tote. Let’s get started!

I made this bag from a tutu and a bag I picked up from the dollar store.

The bag was slightly larger than the tutu, so I turned it inside out and sewed about an inch on each side.

Then I cut off the excess.

 I used a glue gun to glue the tutu around the bag.

I cut the bottom of the skirt in kind of a zigzag to make points.

I kind of scrunched up the bottom to give it a messed up look.

I bought a small piece of polka dot material, a piece of foam and sparkly felt.

I cut two legs out of foam and super glued the material around them.

I cannot draw at all, but I did my best and drew a witch shoe as best as I could.

I then traced the shoe on the black foam and sparkly felt. I cut them out and put the felt onto the foam.

I used my Silhouette (A Cricut works, too) to make the word Wicked, and then cut it out with Glow in the Dark Vinyl that I purchased from Expressions Vinyl.

The glow in the dark vinyl is very thick, so it was easy to just peel off and stick to the bag.

I found this little spider at Michael’s Crafts and had to super glue it to the corner.

  I love how it turned out. This is a picture of it during the day.

Here’s the bag at night with the vinyl glowing. I wish you could see it in person. The vinyl is such a bright pretty green, and the picture doesn’t do it justice.

What a fun bag for a little trick-or-treater!

This post originally appeared on I Gotta Try That


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