3 Girly Crafts To Make With Your Daughter

Do you love crafting with your kids? Or are you a “Nervous Nelly” when it comes to getting personal with a glue stick? Hands-on activities are vital to kids’ learning and development, not to mention a great way to bond with parents. But too often we get so caught up in needing to do things “perfectly” and have them turn out “right” that we get too afraid to try! Well, it’s time to throw perfect out the window and get down to having fun! Here are a few easy-peasy girly crafts that any mom and daughter can do together. So forget about perfect, get out your glitter, and prepare to create some truly magnificent masterpieces!

kids' craft ideasHandprint Ballerina

We pinned this darling craft from the New Every Morning blog. This is too simple and sweet! For this craft, mom should cut a leotard shape from construction paper or pink cardboard. Then, have your little one help you glue it on to another sheet of paper. Add a belt with marker or by gluing another color strip of paper across the leotard. Add a stick-on flower (or just a flower sticker) for decoration. For the grande finale, dip your little darling’s hands in pink paint and have her make a handprint tutu! This is a craft that’s tutu easy and cute!

diy crayonsHeart-Shaped Crayons

What’s not to “love” about this sweet craft? It couldn’t be any easier or any more practical. Re-use old broken crayons by melting them down in the oven into fun girly shapes using a shaped muffin tin.  Your little girl will love creating works of art with her new, heart-shaped crayons! Check out the full tutorial at Bleubird Vintage.

diy jewelrySparkly Princess Bracelet

You might have to hit the craft store for this one – but it’ll be worth it to create this simple sparkly bracelet she’ll cherish for a long time (and we’re betting you’ll cherish the memories made making it!) For this little bit of bling, you just need a cardboard toilet paper or paper towel tube, some pink felt, plastic jewels and craft glue. After just a few short minutes and a whole lot of glue, your darling will have a glittering bracelet, and it’s so easy she’ll want to make one for mom, too! Check out the tutorial at Crafts by Amanda.

What are your favorite crafts to make with your little girl? Leave us a comment, or better yet, upload a photo to our Facebook page. Happy crafting!


Lead image by dion [oʇoɥdʞoɯɐ] via Creative Commons


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