3 Fun Activities That Help Teach Your Kids Thankfulness

thanksgiving activity ideasCan you believe it’s November already? Seems like yesterday the talk was all about back-to-school, and now, ‘tis the season to be thankful! We’re rushing headlong into the holidays, but it’s important to slow down and teach our kids what being thankful is really all about. The hard part? Doing that in a way they’ll enjoy and understand. The natural selfishness and short attention spans of kiddos can make that quite a challenge. We at Girls Crochet Headbands want our little rugrats to be thankful, too, so we’re taking the challenge along with you! Join us this month in trying these three fun activities that will teach your kids about thankfulness. (We found them on Pinterest, of course!)

make a thankfulness treeMake a Thankfulness Tree

Like an Advent calendar at Christmas time, this “thankfulness tree” is an activity you can do once a day leading up to Thanksgiving to really keep kids engaged! We pinned this great idea from the Bargain Bound blog. Simply fashion a tree from brown paper and leaves from colored paper and adhere them to your walls. Then, each evening, have each of your children take a leaf and write (or have you write) something they are thankful for on it. Talk about it as they place each leaf on a branch. At the end of the month you’ll have a colorful tree full of gratitude, and you can review each thought every night to remind your kids of all they have to be thankful for.

thanksgiving craftsThe Thankful Plateful

This craft is so simple, cute and fun! Simply give your child a large plastic plate and have them write, color, draw or cut out pictures of items they’re thankful for. We pinned this from a teacher’s blog, First Grader…at last! She uses this activity in the classroom, but it’s great for home, too! Each child can present their “thankful plateful” to the family at dinner time and talk about what they included on their plate and why. Make sure to display the plates where they can be seen all month long!

turkey tossHave a Turkey Toss of Thankfulness

This energetic activity is sure to be everyone’s favorite, and it’s so simple! We pinned this from I Can Teach My Child and can’t wait to try it out with our own kids. Simply hit the dollar store for a crystal-type bouncy ball and stick some colorful feathers in it.  If you want to get extra-creative, hot glue some googly eyes and a felt beak onto it. Then, take turns tossing the ball to each other, yelling out what you’re thankful for as you toss. As feathers fly and the tosses speed up, everyone will be full of giggles and gratitude!

Are you ready to get crafty, silly, and thankful with your kiddos this Thanksgiving season? What family traditions of thankfulness do you enjoy together? We’d love to learn from you.

Lead image by muffintinmom via Creative Commons


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