5 Thanksgiving Snacks and Crafts to Make With Your Kids

thanksgiving crafts and snacksAlthough the focus of Thanksgiving tends to fall on that one glorious November Thursday (who’s ready for turkey?), the truth is that Thanksgiving makes for a wonderful celebration throughout the month. To help you and your family make the most out of the holiday, we scoured Pinterest for some Turkey Day-inspired crafts and snacks that you can make with your kiddos in the days leading up to the celebration. We love these ideas not just because they’re fun (and, in some cases, delicious) but because they help teach your kids about the importance of the holiday and being thankful. Plus, if the weather’s starting to get a bit frightful where you live, you’ll be able to keep the kids occupied and help stave off a case of cabin fever! Ready for some Thanksgiving fun? Let’s get started!

pilgrim cookiesPilgrim Hat Cookies

This darling Pilgrim hat cookie is a snack and a craft all in one! All you need are some colored candies like Reese’s Pieces or M&M’s, white icing, mini peanut butter cups, and some fudge-covered cookies. Simply assemble and enjoy! To add meaning to this extra-special treat, read a Thanksgiving story before you make it.

thankfulness paper chainThankfulness Paper Chain

A thankfulness paper chain is a fun way to teach thankfulness, count down to Turkey Day and make a lovely decoration for the house. Simply cut colored construction paper in as many strips as you like and have each family member write down several things they are thankful for (or have mom and dad write for the little ones). Attach all your chain links together and you’ve got some beautiful room décor!  Every day as a link comes off the chain, your family has an opportunity to discuss thankfulness together. Your kids will look forward to that moment each day!

turkey cookiesTurkey Cookies

These cookies couldn’t be cuter, easier, or more tasty! Simply bake some sugar cookies, add a little icing, candy corn, and colored chocolate pieces and voila! You’ve got a plate full of adorable deliciousness to “gobble” up!

thankfulness tree

Thankfulness Tree

All you need for this thankful craft is construction paper and some cute little hands! Cut a tree shape and then trace and cut out your kiddos’ handprints. Have your kids write something they’re thankful for on each paper hand and paste them to the tree trunk. This makes a great Thanksgiving table centerpiece–your dinner guests will love hearing about what your kids are thankful for, and they’ll likely join in the discussion, too!

acorn cookiesAcorn Cookies

This Thanksgiving treat is just too sweet! Hershey kisses, mini Nilla wafers, and a peanut butter chip make a darling acorn cookie. Simply secure the pieces together with a little icing and enjoy! These will look adorable on your Thanksgiving kids’ table, or set out a few plates filled with cookies so your family and friends can enjoy a delicious nibble before dinner.

Ready, set, give thanks! Can you believe Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away? That means it’s time to get crafting and snacking. And once you’re finished, we’d love to see pictures of your Thanksgiving creations. Stop by our Facebook page any time and share your photos and ideas.



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