Mr. Tom Turkey: A Fun Craft for Thanksgiving

diy thanksgiving hair clipInspired by a Pinterest board, we discovered this awesome Tom Turkey that we thought would make a fantastic girl’s hair clip. And since we’re knee deep in things that girls (and their moms like), it was impossible to resist the urge to whip out the hot glue gun and go to town on this one.

Stuff You’ll Need

Orange Felt
Brown Felt
Red “stitched” Ribbon
Orange “stitched” Ribbon
Yellow Ribbon
“Googly Eyes” (you know what we mean)
Alligator clip
Craft Glue
Hot Glue Gun (this is a great excuse to buy one if you don’t yet have one, btw)
Pattern for Mr. Tom*

*Make a pattern for Mr. Tom Turkey that’s about 2” in length. Basically, draw a pear. If it doesn’t work, recruit someone who draws better than you do to draw a pear. You love these instructions, don’t you?

Getting Started

Have your kids cut small triangles out of the orange felt. Do not let them cut out the Tom Turkey bodies. Take it from me, this won’t end well. I tried it (clearly a glutton for punishment). Instead, let the hooligans glue on the googly eyes and the triangle beaks. This should keep them plenty busy, especially if you’ve lost your mind and decided to tell them you’re making one of these hair clips for all their girlfriends. What was I thinking?

And the Rest

Follow the instructions on the video tutorial and pretty soon you’ll have the most ding dong adorable Tom Turkey girls hair clip on the planet. Come back after the jump for stuff you don’t want to miss. We mean it!

And if you’re smart, you’ll nab one of our fabulous Kufi hats (we’re fans of the Orange Kufi, the Red Kufi or the Chocolate Kufi) or one of our girls’ crochet headbands in orange, red or brown and she can wear Mr. Tom alone or attached to one of these stupendous pieces of headgear. And as mentioned in the video, if you want to change it up and put this on one of our U-shaped, elastic or lace headbands, these come with loops already built in, so you’ll just need to make a Tom that has the clip positioned vertically instead of horizontally. And seriously, if you’ve already got the glue gun fired up, you should totally make some of each style. You know, just in case.

thanksgiving hair accessory giveawaysAnd because we love you, we’re going to give away some of the Mr. Tom Turkey Girls Hair Clips that we made to a couple of lucky readers. We’re giving away:

An Orange Kufi Hat with a Mr. Tom Turkey Hair Clip
A Brown Kufi Hat with a Mr. Tom Turkey Hair Clip
A Red Crochet Headband with a Mr. Tom Turkey Hair Clip

To win, you need to “Like” Girls Crochet Headbands on Facebook, then share this post on your Facebook page and tag us. We’ll pick three winners by 3pm EST this afternoon and get your hair clips shipped that very same day.

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