3 Board Games Parents Love To Play With Their Kids

family board gamesHere at Girls Crochet Headbands we are all about family fun! That being said, what’s fun for the kiddos isn’t always fun for mom and dad, particularly when it comes to board games.  The good news? Not all board games are boring! We’ve hand-picked three of our very favorites that you and your kids will love to play together again and again. As the temperatures drop and winter heads our way, there’s no better time for a fun and action-packed family game night. Don’t forget your comfiest, coziest pj’s and mugs overflowing with the most delicious hot chocolate we’ve tried courtesy of the brilliant Mel of Mel’s Kitchen Cafe. And be sure to invite us over, too, OK?

pop up pirate gamePop-Up Pirate

A little birdie told us that one of the moms on the Girls Crochet Headbands team suggests Pop-Up Pirate every time her child asks to play a game! To play this surprising game, each player inserts their plastic pirate swords into the barrel in which the pirate’s hiding. No one knows whose sword will “pop” the pirate from his hiding place. When the sword hits the right spot, the pirate springs out of the barrel and gives everyone a surprise! (Seriously, it gets us. Every. Single. TIME!)  And what’s even better? It’s great for your little one’s fine motor skills! We also like that it takes very little time to play, so it’s the perfect game when your schedule’s tight. But if you’ve got more time to spend, you’ll want to play a few times! This game is recommended for ages 4 and up.

zingo gameZingo

Zingo isn’t your Grandma’s bingo (sorry, Grandma)!  When Zingo tiles pop out of the dispenser, players race to see who can call out the tiles that match the images on their Zingo card. Parents and kids will both love the fast-paced, head-to-head action.  This game is recommended for ages 4 and up, and it’s not just for fun! It’s also great for learning vocabulary, matching and social skills.

cat in the hat i can do thatCat in the Hat: I Can Do That!

The Cat in the Hat: I Can Do That! is loads of silly fun! Moms and dads will love getting up and moving with this physical activity game. Each player draws three cards that form a series of actions they must perform with the provided props. Parents and kids alike will wind up doing some crazy moves and giggling together! But this game’s best feature? It helps kids learn to follow multi-step instructions and gain confidence as they learn new moves like skipping and hopping on one foot. It’s good clean fun – with one of children’s literature’s most beloved characters! This game is also recommended for ages 4 and up.

Your assignment? Ready, set, play! Grab these great games and settle in for some fun and learning with your kiddos–and when you’re done, head back here and tell us what you thought.

Did one of your favorite games make our list? If not, what are your game closet must-haves?

Lead image by Will Folsom via Creative Commons


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