How To Use A Girly White Tutu for Ho-Ho-Happiness

holiday outfit with a girls white tutuWe promised posts about how to use a girls’ white tutu for incredible (not to mention affordable) holiday outfits and here’s another of our favorites. And by the way, we’re a bunch of moms who love nothing better than dressing up our little girls, so coming up with outfit ideas is pretty much our idea of heaven. So here goes …

This super darling girl’s holiday outfit features our Red Lace Romper paired with a fabulous wardrobe essential, our girls’ White Tutu. For this outfit idea, we’ve added one of our favorite cooler weather wardrobe accessories, the always fabulous Red Kufi Hat. It’s snuggly and warm and chic as can be. We’ve tucked one of our Red, White & Green Flower Hair Clips onto the Kufi hat (this one features a Santa middle which unfortunately have flown off the shelves, but we’ve got plenty of snowman middles, which are just as adorable, left in stock).

Our ruffled lace leggings are the perfect finishing touch. And although the festive pair that’s pictured are currently out of stock, you can easily swap them out for a pair of white ruffled lace leggings that don’t just coordinate perfectly with this outfit–they’re a wardrobe staple that she’ll love to wear with other ensembles, too. Oh, and let’s not forget the whimsical touch of black marabou at the waist of this girls’ tutu (easy to nab at your favorite crafts store) with our Kelly Green Gerber Daisy Flower Hair Clip clipped to the waistband of the tutu.

The cool thing is that these pieces are terrific together or worn separately. You’ll wear the leggings a million times, the Kufi hat will quickly become a wardrobe staple and the romper can be worn alone or with a pair of snuggly leg warmers in white, charcoal, black or cream. Oh, and that white girls tutu? We don’t even have to tell you what a favorite piece of her wardrobe that’ll be–every girl on the planet loves tutus. And they are one size fits all, so they will be something she’ll wear again and again and again. And for the frugalista moms out there, these kinds of outfits make all the sense in the world compared to a fancy holiday dress that she’ll only wear a time or two.

Convinced yet? As icing on the cake, let’s look at what these pieces will cost you:

Red/White/Green Snowman Flower Clip ($2.59)

White Ruffled Lace Leggings ($4.99)

Red Kufi Hat ($2.79)

Red Lace Romper ($8.99)

Kelly Green Gerber Daisy Flower Hair Clip ($1.99)

Bottom line? For less than you’d pay for a holiday outfit at Walmart or Target or wherever you like to shop, you can create your own outfit that is not only super adorable (and creative), but you can do it with pieces that she’ll wear again and again and again — for about $21. Add to that the price of marabou, which is about another $2, and you’ve still got yourself one heck of a bargain.

What do you think? Are holiday outfits like this something that’s attractive to you? We’d love for you to share your holiday outfits … check out our Holiday Outfit Board on Pinterest or upload your photos and tag us on Instagram (@ShopGCH) … we’d love to see what you come up with.

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