Our 4 Favorite Holiday Outfits That Feature A Zebra Tutu

girls' zebra tutu skirtIt’s hard to believe the holidays are almost here! And if you’re on the search for a chic, adorable holiday outfit for your little princess, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. We’ve shared several of our favorite holiday outfits with white tutus and thought now’s the perfect time to mix things up by adding an playful pop of pattern with our girls’ zebra tutu skirt.

Sure, a zebra tutu is a little unexpected around the holidays—and that’s exactly why we love it. Animal prints are always in style, and the black and white pattern pairs perfectly with holiday hues like red and green. And although our zebra tutu is big on style, it’s affordable—and that means you can get a head-to-toe outfit for around $20 that’s created from apparel and accessories she can wear again and again with other ensembles.

Ready for a little fashion inspiration? Here are four of our favorite holiday outfit combos that are perfect for parties, photos or celebrating your family’s favorite traditions.

Zebra and Santa and Marabou, Oh My!

Start with one of our twirly Zebra Tutus ($4.49) and add a Green Crochet Headband ($0.38), a Red/White/Green Snowman Gerber Flower Hair Clip ($1.19), a Red Lace Romper ($8.99) and a pair of White Lace Leggings ($4.49). For the perfect finishing touch, tie a piece of white marabou (available at any craft store) around her waist or pin it to the tutu’s waistband. Check out a photo of the outfit at the top of the post—isn’t it adorable?

holiday outfits with zebra tutuSeeing Spots

If your little one loves pops of pattern, this outfit is perfect. Combine a Zebra Tutu ($4.49) with a white long-sleeved T-shirt, a Red Gerber Daisy Flower Hair Clip ($1.99) pinned on the shirt, a Green Crochet Headband ($0.38), a White Gerber Daisy Flower Hair Clip ($1.99) and a pair of fun leg warmers like our White and Black Polka Dot Cotton Leg Warmers ($3.49). Add a piece of red marabou as a belt over the Zebra Tutu and she’s ready to party!

zebra tutu outfit ideasRed Alert

Turn up the holiday cheer with this adorable ensemble that’s perfect for cold winter nights. Start with a Zebra Tutu ($4.49) and add a white long-sleeved T-shirt, a Red Gerber Daisy Flower Hair Clip ($1.99) pinned on the shirt, a Red Kufi Hat ($2.79), a red marabou “belt” and a pair of White Lace Ruffle Leg Warmers ($4.99). Très, très chic!

styling a zebra tutuFestive Fashionista

Crank up the holiday cheer in this stylish seasonal combination that includes a Zebra Tutu ($4.49), a Red Lace Romper ($8.99), a Red Crochet Headband ($0.38), a Red/White/Green Snowman Gerber Flower Hair Clip, a green marabou “belt” and a pair of White Lace Leggings ($4.49). Happy holidays, indeed!

And there you have it—four adorable, stylish holiday outfits that start with the unexpected whimsy of our Zebra Tutu. Ready to shop? We have some surprises up our sleeves! Get free shipping on any order over $30, valid until Dec. 24—no coupon code needed. Plus, some of our favorite Christmas apparel and accessories are on sale, so stock up while supplies last. And finally, order by Dec. 17 to get your order by Christmas if you’d prefer to wrap these pretty presents and leave them under the Christmas tree.

What are your little ladies wearing this holiday season? We’d love for you to stop by our Facebook page and share photos!

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