San Francisco Fans Rejoice: We Have Her Outfit

san francisco 49ers outfit for girlsLast night’s game between the San Francisco 49ers and the New England Patriots looked to be kind of a snoozer. At one point New England (who we wrote about last week as perhaps one of the best teams in NFL) was down 31-3 at home. And when you’re either a fan yourself or married to a guy who loves football, the Pats losing at home by a whopper of a score is, well, unusual. It was almost time to turn the television off and call that game done.

Then exciting things began to happen and team captain Tom Brady started doing what it is that he does so well …. marching back down the field and scoring. Before I knew it, the Pats had tied the score and the game had officially become a nail biter. No chance of going to bed at this point.

And then the 49ers’ Michael Crabtree and David Akers combined to make a 38-yard touchdown and a 28-yard field goal and that was that for the Pats. Off to bed for me!

Here’s the thing: if you’ve got a girly girl who’s also a football fan, have we got an outfit for her. And this awesome outfit will not only show that girl’s got some team pride, it’ll make even the most rabid football family proud. Even better? It’s super cute and super affordable. You can use the parts of this outfit again and again and again, which is way cooler than a football jersey.

You laugh, but we might occasionally be the family who sits around wearing our team jerseys, including torn and ratty things because they are known to bring good luck. Does that describe your family? Well then, we have even more in common.

There are a couple of different ways you can go, with some key basic pieces. And with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, you’ll be able to definitely reuse these pieces then. Even sweeter.

My favorite is the photo used in the header image, and here it is again so you can see it in greater detail. This adorable ensemble includes our Football Stocking Hat, Red Lace Romper, White Tutu, White Lace Ruffle Leg Warmers and one each of our best-selling flowers, the Red Gerber Daisy Flower Hair Clip and the Yellow Gerber Daisy Flower Hair Clip.

san francisco 49ers outfit for girls

You can also wear this sans White Tutu (because it can get in a girl’s way), and it still looks ding dong adorable, especially if she’ll let you put the daisies on the hat (swooning) like pigtails. I do so love a girl who will cooperate. Which is why it’s important to do this stuff before she turns about 4, because then all your hopes of that are over.

girls' football accessories

Another super cute idea is to take all the same key elements — girls’ White Tutu, Red Lace Romper, White Lace Ruffle Leg Warmers and add a snuggly White Kufi Hat, then top it off with a Red Gerber Daisy Flower Hair Clip and tuck a Yellow Gerber Daisy Flower Hair Clip at the neck of the romper. I added a bit of marabou at the waist because, well, who doesn’t love marabou?

girls' white tutu with marabou

But if you like it better without the marabou, that’s adorable, too, and you can see that here.

girls' rompers and tutus

One last fashion choice (because heck yeah, we got into this) is to go with the White Lace Romper alone, add a Red Kufi Hat and one of our Red Gerber Daisy Flower Hair Clips and a Yellow Gerber Daisy Flower Hair Clip and pop them on interchangeably. I put red on red, only because we were experimenting here with the red marabou again, but it would be super cute with the yellow flower on the red hat and ….. well, you get my drift.

girls' rompers with marabou

The best part, as mentioned before these pieces are super adorable and super affordable, and for under about $30, you can have them all and use them to not only show some team pride, but use them on Valentine’s Day, for everyday dress up and again during the holiday season next year. Holy moly, what a bargain!

What say you? Is this a cute and fun way to get into the team spirit? At our house, we’re all about that–what about you? Oh, and it goes without saying that if you buy any of these and create an outfit, something like what we’ve done here or your own creation, we do so want to see it!



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