Our 4 Favorite Ways to Wear an Owl Stocking Hat

owl stocking hatNow that winter is almost here, your little pumpkin needs snuggly, cozy clothes—and our whimsical Crochet Owl Stocking Hat ($6.99) is the perfect wardrobe addition! We can’t get enough of this owl-tastic accessory—in fact, you could say it’s a hoot (Ha! See what we did there?)

The crocheted hat comes with ear flaps to help keep out winter’s chill. And it’s available in several colors, so you can find the perfect combination for your own little owl. Heck, it’s so affordable that you could even stock up on multiple colors, if you prefer!

The Crochet Owl Stocking Hat is super cute paired with her favorite winter coat and scarf. But it also makes an unexpected addition to her outfit, too. We thought we’d share four of our favorite ways to wear the Crochet Owl Stocking Hat to jumpstart your style inspiration. We’ve picked a few pieces from Girls Crochet Headbands that we think are extra-adorable with the Crochet Owl Stocking Hat. And the best news? When winter’s over, she can still wear these outfit pieces with other ensembles—and that means she stays in style while you stay on budget!

You know we can’t get enough girls’ tutu skirts—and we love how they create an unexpected contrast with the Crochet Owl Stocking Hat. Try our Hot Pink and Brown Crochet Owl Stocking Hat ($6.99) paired with a Hot Pink Lace Romper ($8.99), Brown Tutu ($4.49) and an Ivory Lacey Flower Hair Clip ($0.99) for a look (pictured above) that’s sassy and sweet.

girls' owl stocking hatDoes your little owl lover prefer blue? Works for us! Our Blue and Brown Crochet Owl Stocking Hat ($6.99) pairs beautifully with our Orange Lace Romper ($8.99) and Cappuccino Star Flower Hair Clip ($1.99).

girls tutu skirtsYou can also add a Brown Tutu ($4.49) and Ivory Gathered Cotton Leg Warmers ($2.99) for a layered head-to-toe look that’s comfy, cozy and chic–not to mention perfect for dressier occasions, thanks to an always-appealing combination of lace, tulle and ruffles.

girls' winter outfitsInterested in another variation? Try pairing the Blue and Brown Crochet Owl Stocking Hat ($6.99) with a Baby Blue Lace Romper ($8.99), Yellow Gerber Daisy Flower Hair Clip ($1.99), Brown Tutu ($4.49) and White Lace Leggings ($4.49). Who knew blue, yellow, brown and white could be so stinkin’ adorable?

Now that you’re brimming with owl-inspired outfit ideas, head over to Girls Crochet Headbands and start shopping! And remember—all orders over $30 receive free shipping until Dec. 24.

One more thing? When you’ve created your own owl-riffic ensemble, stop by our Facebook page and share a photo, pretty please. We can’t wait to see your style prowess at work!

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