How to Make a DIY Magnetic Hair Clip Board

diy magnetic hair accessory organizerOne of the most fun things about having a little girl is accessorizing her cuteness! Of course, we on the Girls Crochet Headbands team love dressing up our little girls’ hairstyles and headbands with adorable hair bows and flower hair clips (and we can never have enough!), but once you start amassing a chic hair accessory collection, you need a way to effectively store and organize it. We’ve been pinning DIY hair bow board ideas on Pinterest – there are so many great ones – and decided to give this magnetic version a try (and add our own twist)! Here’s how to make your own (affordable) DIY magnetic hair clip board in just a few simple steps.

Step 1: Get a magnetic board, cookie sheet or piece of sheet metal. We picked this one up for about $6 at Target.

magnetic board

Step 2: Add some strong, round magnets. We scored three packs of ten for 99 cents each at the local hardware store.

magnetic hair accessory organizer tutorial

Step 3: Add your own decorations. Make your board sparkle with ribbon border, glitter, stickers, or your favorite crafty embellishment!  We chose to personalize the board with sticky letters, but you can make your board as flouncy or as plain as you like! For our board, we adhered the letters onto colored paper and used simple white craft glue to affix the paper to the metal board.

diy hair accessory organizer

Step 4: Arrange your bows. Stick the metal alligator clip on the back of your bows or flower clips to the magnets on the board and arrange them however you like!

magnetic hair accessory organizer

Step 5: Hang or store your board where everyone can see how cute it is!

This whole project took us less than a half hour and as you can see, it turned out super-cute. Follow these five easy steps and you’ll have a cute and practical way to store and organize your darling girl’s hair accessories in a snap!

Feel free to stop by our Facebook page and share your own hair accessory organizer. We just might feature your project on our blog!


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