Organization Tips: How to Conquer Clutter in 2013

organization tipsThe ball has dropped and a New Year is here! It’s time to clean up the confetti, sing one last chorus of “Auld Lang Syne” and start getting organized to rock 2013! Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t stress! We’ve got some great tips for starting small to get your organizational momentum going. Knock these few areas out of the park and you’ll be on an odyssey of order in no time!

Free the Fridge

Are holiday leftovers holding your fridge hostage? It’s time to toss the leftovers, classify the condiments and wipe down those shelves! After all, you’ve gotta make room for all those healthy foods that go with your New Year’s resolutions, right?

Wipe Down Your Wheels

Nothing makes mama feel better than a fresh coat of clean on the mom-mobile. Throw out the Starbucks cups, bring the toys and sippy cups back inside the house where they belong, and get your ride detailed! A clean, organized vehicle is a great way to get rollin’ in 2013.

Edit That Inbox

You wouldn’t happen to be subscribed to a dozen email lists that you never read, would you?  Make 2013 the year you hit “unsubscribe” (except in our case – you need the Girls Crochet Headbands newsletter because knowing about all our sales and deals is essential, of course!). Get rid of those unwanted emails, file the ones you want to keep in folders, and delete what you don’t need. Then, sit back and enjoy your uncluttered inbox!

Purge the Playroom

If you didn’t find a new home for all your kids’ no longer-loved toys before Christmas, you’re probably in dire need of a “toy cleansing” for the New Year. Grab a couple of bags and designate one “give to charity” and the other “hand-me-down to family or friends.”  Fill them up with what you no longer need and deliver them to their intended destinations (this part is key! Get them OUT of your house!). Then you’re free to put away all the kids’ holiday loot in your newly-created space. After this big accomplishment, you’re going to need a latte to celebrate! (Unless of course you did something crazy, like make a resolution to give up caffeine. In that case, decaf, anyone?)

Does starting small have your organizational energy flowing? Check out our organization board on Pinterest for more brilliance that’ll get you on your way to a happy, organized New Year! And feel free to share your organization resolutions in the comments–after all, we’re in this together, right?

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