Cozy Going Home Outfits For Your Newborn

cold weather baby going home outfitsPicking out a going-home outfit for your newborn is no easy task for a mom-to-be. After all, this is the outfit in which your perfect angel will make their cherished debut, and it’s an outfit every mom is likely to keep forever. Choosing an ensemble that’s adorable and functional can be an extra challenge in the bitter cold winter time. Having a baby this winter? We’ve got some tips to help you navigate this important decision so your newborn can leave the hospital in warmth and style.

Add an extra layer

A good rule of thumb for dressing a newborn is to dress them in one extra layer than you would dress yourself. In cold weather, a onesie or bodysuit as the base layer of your newborn’s outfit is a must. For especially frigid temperatures, consider a long-sleeve bodysuit instead of the typical short-sleeve version.

Gravitate toward thicker fabrics

Thin cotton pants and sleepers might not add enough warmth for chilly, windy weather conditions. Cozy fleece or terry cloth is a great choice to keep baby snuggly and cute. (And how great does it feel to cuddle with a baby all dressed in fleece?)

Simplify with a one-piece design

One-piece sleepers make a great cold-weather going home outfit because of their simple design. There are no gaps between separate outfit pieces to let cold air in, and the attached footies keep feet toasty and eliminate the need for socks.

Keep little heads toasty

Babies lose a lot of heat through their heads, so make sure to snag an adorable hat to go with that warm going-home outfit! Hats are fine for baby to wear at home as well, although reports that it’s not actually necessary once baby is safely indoors.

Cover up that car seat

Finally, even though they aren’t actual items of clothing, a nice warm blanket or a convenient zip-up car seat cover are important accessories to keep baby warm on his or her way home from the hospital.

Expecting a baby this winter? What are you planning to bring him or her home in? Got an adorable outfit to show off? We’d love to see pictures on our Facebook page!

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