Tutus and Leg Warmers: The Perfect Girls Birthday Party Gift

girls birthday party gift ideasGot girls? Of course you do, or you wouldn’t be reading this! If your girls have girlfriends, then you’ve probably also got a million birthday party invitations per year (approximately) and a lot of gifts to buy! So, what do you get the girl who’s got everything?

How about an adorable tutu and a pair of darling ruffled leg warmers tied up with a pretty bow? It’s a spectacular gift that’s whimsical and wonderful and way better than another plastic toy. What a pretty present for under $10! The birthday girl will love it and her mom will, too, especially when you consider that the leg warmers and tutus can be combined with her other outfits to create a ton of stylish possibilities. Want to make the gift extra-special?  Add a headband and hair bow or flower hair clip to the gift wrap for an embellishment that’s not only pretty—it’s practical, too!

Need some tutu and leg warmer combination ideas? The possibilities are virtually endless, but here are a few of our fanciful favorites:

girls tutus and leg warmers

Turquoise and White Polka Dot Leg Warmers ($3.49) with a White Tutu ($4.49)

Cupcake Leg Warmers ($3.49) with an Aqua Tutu ($4.49)

Pink Ballerina Leg Warmers ($3.49) with a Pink Tutu ($4.49)

Solid Black Organza Ruffle Leg Warmers ($3.49) with a Zebra Tutu ($4.49)

Start planning for the year’s birthday parties now by stocking up on adorable tutus and comfy leg warmers and you’ll be set. One more tip? Orders over $40 always come with free shipping to boot, so buy several presents at a time and save.

And speaking of birthday parties—you’re probably already planning your daughter’s next bash, right? We have some super-cute ideas for party favors, too, so be sure to check them out.

Have you used our products as birthday gifts or party favors? We’d love to see some photos on our Facebook page.

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