Shopmine: Shop Pinterest Through Your Email

shopmineIt’s safe to say that all of us on the Girls Crochet Headbands team are big fans of Pinterest. The fashion! The recipes! The tips! The inspiration! It’s like our own online mecca, filled with the things we love.

And if your Pinterest use is anything like ours, you tend to pin things you want to buy. While it’s great to have everything in one place, we recently discovered a tool that takes the Pinterest experience to a new level: Shopmine.

Shopmine lets you shop your Pinterest boards directly through your email inbox. The tool scans your favorite pins and likes, then delivers product recommendations based on these interests.

Intrigued? Give it a try—it’s easy to set up. Simply input your Pinterest log-in information. After that, you’ll start receiving a daily email filled with products based on your individual Pinterest experience.

See something in the email you can’t live without? Once you click on the accompanying image, you’ll be taken to Shopmine’s product page, which includes a product description from Pinterest, a link to buy the item and a list of other Pinterest users who pinned it.

shopmine product details

We have to confess—we’ve already purchased a few things thanks to our Shopmine emails, so consider us officially hooked. Give it a try—we’re interested to see what you think!

And speaking of Pinterest, we hope you’re following us! We love sharing our favorite apparel and accessories on the site, as well as boards chock-full of organization tips, birthday party and baby shower ideas, and much, much more. Plus, give us a follow and you’ll be in the loop about our upcoming Pinterest promotions and contests. After all, if there’s anything better than Pinterest, it’s winning adorable stuff!

Feel free to stop back by the blog and let us know what you think of Shopmine when you try it. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we have some shopping to do!

Lead image via someecards


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