Pantone’s Spring Fashion Report: Hot Colors for Spring

pantone spring 2013 hair accessoriesMove over Old Man Winter, spring is on the way and its fashions can’t be stopped! Pantone, the authority on color, has not only declared Emerald the 2013 Color of the Year; they’ve also released their 2013 Spring Fashion Report, heralding an additional nine colors as the ones to wear. It’s time to stock up (for mom and girlie girl) on some trendy spring flair for your hair! Check out these luscious Pantone colors of choice and our favorite Girls Crochet Headbands hair accessories that coordinate. Pick up a few in each color for a look that will really turn heads this spring.

Dusk Blue: This color is that rare blue captured for a few brief moments before sunset. For a dusk blue look we recommend our Blue Pearl Flower Hair Clip $2.89, Cotton Candy Nikki Diamond Pearl Flower Hair Clip, $2.59, Blue Pigtail Perfect hair bows, $1.69, and Light Blue Lace Headband, 65 cents.

Tender Shoots: This is a green that falls somewhere between grass and lime; it’s the color of new life bursting forth. Here are our picks to go with this cool spring color:  White & Lime Sweetheart Flower Clip, $1.59, Lime 4” hair bow, $1.59, and Lime elastic headband, 50 cents.

Lemon Zest: Bold and bright, lemon zest is a color that brings happiness wherever it goes. For a lovely lemony look, we recommend:  Yellow & White Polka Dot Sara Flower Hair Clip, $2.49, Yellow Nicolette Flower Hair Clip, $1.89, Yellow 4” hair bow, $1.59, and Yellow Crochet Headband, 29 cents.

Linen: If the cool spring breeze had a color, this would be it! We love linen’s light and refreshing hue. To coordinate with this trendy color, go for our Small Ivory Maggie Flower Hair Clip, $2.99, Ivory Shabby Chic Headband, $3.99, and Ivory Lace Headband, 65 cents.

Poppy Red: This audacious red is a real head-turner! To rock this captivating color, we suggest our Red Belle Flower Hair Clip, $1.49, Red Gerber Daisy Flower Hair Clip, $1.99, Red and White Polka Dot 4” Hair Bow, $1.59, and Red 5.5” Big Bow, $2.49.

Emerald: It’s the color of the year!  To look gorgeous in green all year long, try our Kelly Green 4” Hair Bow, $1.59, Kelly Green Mini Hair Bow, 99 cents,  and Kelly Green Gerber Daisy Flower Hair Clip, $1.99.

Grayed Jade: This muted gray-turquoise color is demure yet tantalizing. To add this unique hue to your hair wardrobe, go with our Turquoise and White Sara Gerber Daisy Flower Hair Clip, $2.49, and Turquoise Crystal Daisy Flower Hair Clip, $1.29.

African Violet: This pretty purple is gorgeous no matter how you wear it. To give this color a whirl, we recommend our Lavender 4” Hair Bow, $1.59, Lavender and White Polka Dot 4” Hair Bow, $1.59, Lavender Tiffany Flower Hair Clip, $1.49, and Lavender Crochet Headband, 29 cents.

Monaco Blue: This beautiful  blue reminds one of deep ocean waters. For a gorgeous true blue look, try out our Royal Blue Giant Mum Flower Hair Clip, $2.99, Royal Blue Tiffany Flower Hair Clip, $1.49, and Royal Blue Crochet Headband, 29 cents.

Nectarine: Citrus delights again with this muted orange hue that nevertheless stands out in a crowd. If you’re bold enough to dare to wear it, go with our Orange Chloe Flower Hair Clip, $1.79, and Orange Crystal Daisy Flower Hair Clip, $1.29.

Are you ready to add some fabulous color to your spring wardrobe? What do you think of Pantone’s choices? Which one are you dying to try on for size?


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