5 Ways to Transition Winter Looks into Spring

transition winter looks to springPunxsutawney Phil’s time in the spotlight has come and gone, but no matter what the famed groundhog said, there’s no stopping spring! Now we’re moving headlong into that awkward fashion time of the year know as “sprinter” – not quite winter, not quite spring. Wondering what to do when it’s still chilly, but not freezing, to keep your wardrobe fashionable and functional? You’re in luck! We’ve got five creative ways to help you seamlessly transition your looks from winter to spring. And the best news? They work for you and your little fashionista, too!

Lighten Up Your Layers

You’ve been living in layers all winter long, it’s time to lighten them up! You can do this with color or fabric choices; the possibilities are endless. You can simply shed your top layer altogether or change it up to a lighter-colored cardi or lighter-weight fabric. Or, you can keep that same warm sweater you’ve been wearing on top and change your bottom layer from a long-sleeve tee to a short-sleeve or sleeveless top. Experiment with what’s in your closet and you’re bound to come up with oodles of options!

Accessorize with Fashion-Forward Colors

Colorful accessories are where it’s at this spring, and we’ve got the scoop on the colors you need to brighten up your wardrobe! Pantone, the authority on color is heralding these colors as the ones to wear in their 2013 Spring Fashion Report! Move your winter wardrobe towards spring by accessorizing with these fab colors! Whether you’re going for colored necklaces, bracelets, or hair accessories, these fashion-forward colors are just the thing for spring. (Oh, and pssst…if you want to see our favorite Girls Crochet Headbands accessories in these gorgeous colors, check out our blog post).

Switch Out Your Scarf

Scarves are a winter and a spring must-wear, and they are also a great transitional accessory. As you head toward spring, choose scarves that are lighter weight, more brightly colored, and more heavily patterned than your winter scarves. A different scarf over the same basic pieces can totally transform an outfit!

Look Pretty in Print

Winter fashion caters more to solids than prints – there are plenty exceptions to that rule, but it still holds fast overall. A great way to bring those classic black trousers you’ve been sporting all winter long into spring is to top them with a brightly printed jacket or cardigan, especially if the print features white or cream as a dominant color. Pink-and-white checks, anyone? Yes, please!

Swap Dark Denim for Light and Bright

Dark denim jeans are a must for winter and fall, but it’s okay to set them aside as spring approaches. It’s still cool enough outside to wear pants, but you can warm up your look with some lighter-wash denim, or better yet – colors! Spring denim pants in yellow, light turquoise, and red look fabulous and scream spring, but they still keep you warm when the temperatures haven’t quite got the message about the change of season.

Are you ready for spring weather and spring fashion? What are your go-to wardrobe pieces as you transition your look from season to season?

Image: Pink Sherbet Photography via Compfight cc


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