Our Favorite GCH Hair Accessories for Mom

mother daughter hair accessoriesAdmit it, moms: you love dressing up your girlie girls, but sometimes you still long for a reason to rock a trendy hair accessory yourself. Well, good news, ladies! You don’t need an excuse! We’ve got several great hair accessories that look just as gorgeous in your hair as they do in your little girl’s, and you can wear them every single day. Here are a few of our staff picks of gorgeous hair accessories that look great on mom.

Flower Power

We’re just going to come out and say it – if you’re out of high school, you’re too old for a hair bow. But a flower hair clip, now that’s a different story! Flower hair clips are fabulous accessories that you never outgrow, especially if you pick the right style and color to go with your wardrobe and personality.

hair accessories for momBeautiful in Black

We’ve all got plenty of basic black in our casual, professional, and dress-up wardrobes, right? Well, basic black can be beautifully dressed up with just the right flower hair accessory. Our Black Gerber Daisy flower hair clip ($1.99) is a can’t–miss with its classic design and bit of bling. It’s also the perfect size for dressing up a ponytail. For a dressy night out, our elegant black Shimmer Rose flower hair clip ($1.99) is sure to please (and if you’re bored with black, it looks amazing in red). If you really want to add some va-va-va-voom, try out our can’t-be-ignored, big and beautiful black Kelly flower hair clip ($2.59).

Pretty and Petite

Our Belle flower hair clip ($1.49) is small in size and big on style. This little lady is super-fancy with its beaded and rhinestone center. It comes in six colors (including white and black) to match lots of different looks, so every mom will want to have a couple of these charming blooms on hand to dress up an outfit.

trendy flower hair accessories for momBig and Bold

Just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean you can’t make a fashion statement! Our Kelly ($2.59) and Carolyn ($2.49) flower hair clips are large and in charge at 5.5”and glamorous to boot! Both clips come in several dramatic colors and feature lush petals and brilliant beads. Step out in one of these stunners and you’re sure to get some admiring glances.

So, how about it, Mom? Do you share flower hair clips with your little girl or do you have a stash all your own? We’d love to see some mother-daughter hair pics on our Facebook page!

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