Girls Fashion: How to Choose the Right Rain Boot

how to pick kids' rain bootsSpring is right around the corner (right? Please say it is!) and you know what they say: “April showers bring May flowers!” Well, April (or March) showers can also bring soggy shoes, socks, and little girl feet! And let’s be honest, we can’t always count on those showers to end in April, either. To keep your little one’s tootsies warm and dry during rainy season, she’ll need a great pair of rain boots that are functional and fashionable. Here are a few tips for choosing the right pair for your little darling.

Details matter

Rain boots aren’t much good if they don’t keep water off of your feet, so look for a pair made of a thick water-repellent substance like galvanized rubber.  This material does the job, but can also make rain boots a bit harder to get on and off for younger children. Consider choosing boots with attached handles for an easier on and off process. To make the boots warmer and more comfy on the inside, pick a pair that has some kind of lining (or buy a pair of snuggly boot liners). Lastly, if safety when walking in rainy weather is a concern, you might also look for boots with reflective patches on the outside.

Grab a pair with flair

Rain boots are usually worn on dreary days, so brighten things up by choosing boots in a fun pattern. We love these polka dot, flower, heart, and cupcake prints. Your trendy tot will love splashing around in a boot with a pretty pattern! If you’re feeling extra fashion-forward, look for rain gear that coordinates, like this Ladybug boots, rain jacket, and umbrella set. Adorable!

Save some money for a rainy day

Rain boots are an important piece of spring gear, but you never know exactly how much use you’ll get out of a pair. Since kids’ feet grow so fast, don’t break the bank on a pair of galoshes. Put the time and effort into finding a pair that has the features and style you want at a price you can afford. The exception to this rule is if you’re counting on handing down rain boots to a sibling or two and want them to last for years. If that’s the case in your family, you might want to consider spending more on a higher-end pair of rain boots.

Is your little puddle jumper ready for spring? What rain boots will she be splishing and splashing in this season? We’d love to hear your rain boot recommendations in the comments!

Image: StewC via Compfight cc

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