3 Fun St. Pattys Day Craft and Snack Ideas

irish mint cookie recipeBefore we can truly jump into spring, we’ve got to dress up in our favorite emerald outfits and celebrate all that’s glittery and green on March 17 – St. Patrick’s Day! This holiday honoring that famous Irish saint can be a ton of fun to celebrate with your kiddos with hands-on crafts and tasty St. Patty’s-themed snacks. Since we on the Girls Crochet Headbands team are busy moms like you, we turned to the fabulous and oh-so-creative women of the blogosphere for some great green snacky and crafty ideas. After all, why re-invent the wheel, err, shamrock? Here are some of our favorite leprechaun-lovin’ treats and crafts.

Seeing Green…Green Cookies, That Is!

This fun and yummy cookie recipe from Mary at Giving Up on Perfect combines two things kids love: making cookies with mom plus the opportunity to use food coloring! This simple recipe dresses up a pre-made cookie mix with mint extract, flavored chocolate chips, and a generous helping of the color emerald. Mix, bake and voila – a tasty treat (pictured above) that’s very lucky indeed!

edible rainbow craftTaste the Rainbow

How about a craft kids can snack on while they’re making it? Sounds like a win-win to us! This simple idea from Amy at One Artsy Mama is as easy as one-two-three! First, glue on fruity circle-shaped colored cereal in a rainbow pattern. Then, glue down some cotton balls for clouds, and finally, snack on the leftovers. This is an easy-peasy craft that even toddlers can enjoy making with just a little help from mom or dad.

shamrock pretzel recipeShamrock Delights

Kiddos will love these sweetened-up pretzels, a great spin on their favorite party snack! Sara at Once Upon a Dream shared this easy way to dress up these salty snacks for the holiday. Simply pop ‘em in the oven with a Hershey kiss on top and bake at 200 degrees until they’re nice and melty. Before they cool, fix three green M&Ms onto the melted chocolate and your tasty shamrocks are complete! Cool and enjoy! To wash these lovely leaves down we suggest a nice glass of milk enhanced with green food coloring.

Are you ready to dance an Irish jig and have some St. Patrick ’s Day crafty and culinary fun? What are your favorite ways to celebrate St. Patty’s Day with your family? We’d love to see pics of your festivities on our Facebook page!

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