3 Healthy Easter Snacks Your Kids Will Love

healthy easter snacksAhh, Easter – that very favorite holiday where we dress our kids in the fluffiest dresses, ruffliest rompers, and most dapper suits – and then, once we’ve distributed Easter baskets, stuff them FULL of more candy than an adult should have in a week. (Whoops)! Want to celebrate Easter and the week leading up to it without adding any extraneous sugar into the mix? Well, “hop” to it! We’ve curated some awesome content from Pinterest and the web to help you make some easy – and healthy! – Easter snacks your kiddos will love.

Create an “Egg”-citing Buffet

How adorable is this cardboard smorgasbord (pictured above)? This Easter-themed snack is not only adorable, it’s also a great way to repurpose egg cartons and plastic eggs. We pinned it from the genius Kara at Ramblings of a Handbag Designer. To make your own bountiful buffet, fill an old egg carton with colorful plastic eggs, and load each egg up with all sorts of your little one’s favorite healthy snacks: grapes, carrots, goldfish crackers, cheese cubes – whatever they love.  They’ll adore this tiny, bright buffet that’s just for them!

frozen yogurt easter eggsFroYo: Easter-Style!

We love the blog No Time for Flashcards and blogger Allie for all her brilliant kid-friendly content – like these frozen yogurt Easter eggs! Simply make up a fruit & yogurt smoothie in the blender and pour into an egg-shaped silicone cake pan and freeze for a couple of hours.  (Or if you need a time-saver, just add your favorite flavors of low-fat yogurt). What a fabulous, yummy Easter treat that’s fun to eat and good for you, too! The kidlets will love digging into this frozen favorite. (We bet they ask for this one again next year)!

cracker easter rabbitsWascally Wabbit (On a Cracker)

Have you ever seen a cuter cracker? We pinned this yummy bunny from the folks at Kaboose.com and rabbit has never looked tastier! Construct this whimsical snack with your favorite round crackers, some cream cheese, shredded carrots, pretzels and whatever yummy cheese or veggies you want to use for the face. Be creative with some of your kids’ faves for an Easter snack they’ll really crave, and one that’s good for them, too!

So, how about it? Are you ready to counteract the candy parade with some healthy, fun Easter-themed snacks? We would love to see some photos of your tasty creations on our Facebook page!


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    These are super cute! I love the Wabbit one. I remember my parents used to make pancakes like that with bacon. It wasn’t healthy but sure was cute!

    You should check out Fruti bars–they’re a great spring snack. Their website is http://www.nfc-fruti.com. They don’t have any weird things in their frozen fruit bars and they have their ingredients on their website if you want to take a look! I love the Caribbean mix ones and had some with my family on Easter as a special treat (I’ve grown up since my bacon whisker days!).

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