Our 5 Favorite Shopping Apps

5 must-have shopping appsLet’s face it—we all love to shop, right? And while a day spent strolling through your favorite shops is a great way to get a dose of retail therapy, it’s also becoming increasingly easy to shop through your phone or tablet (thank you, technology!). If you’re looking to score an incredible find or an enviable discount while on the go, check out our list of 5 must-have shopping apps. Once you give them a try, we think you’ll be hooked!


There’s no doubt shopping trips can be expensive—so counteract your spending with this free app for iOS and Android that helps you save with thousands of online and in-store coupons. And if you’re out and about, that won’t keep you from saving! Always one step ahead, RetailMeNot’s location-based software can send you coupons for the stores you’re already shopping. There’s no need to race home and print a coupon off, because your coupon clipping days are over!  RetailMeNot lets you virtually store coupons away for later use.  One of our favorite features is the ability to share coupons via Twitter and Facebook or even with a friend. When it comes to shopping or saving, the more, the merrier!


Complete with a barcode scanner, RedLaser is the perfect shopping buddy for costumers that just don’t have the time to shop around. Search by barcode, voice, or image to get an instant price comparison for both online and offline stores. Just because you’re using an app doesn’t mean you can’t shop locally, though. RedLaser uses your location to pull up prices from nearby stores. Short on time? No worries, just hop online, shop from your phone, and pick up your purchases from a partner retailer at your convenience. Simply put, this app rocks!  And did we mention it’s free for Apple, Android, and Windows users, too?


There’s no need to lug around a wallet full of rewards cards because this app rewards you even when you’re not making purchases. That’s right—you earn kicks, Shopkick speak for points, even when you’re window shopping—inside the store, at least. Link your Visa or MasterCard to the app to receive even more kicks each time you make a purchase. In no time you’ll earn enough kicks to score a new pair of, well, kicks, or even designer goods. Even better? The app is free and available for iOS and Android devices.


How many times have you made a purchase only to discover it went on sale the very next day? It’s the worst! This app exists to help prevent those Homer Simpson “D’oh!” moments when you’ve realized you’ve missed out on a discounted price. Simply search the web for products you’re interested in, add them to your own ShopAdvisor Watch List, and sit back and relax. You’ll receive notifications when any items on your Watch List drop in price, so you can decide whether or not to buy. The free app is available for Android, iOS and Windows users.


Shopping can be costly, but shopping for your favorite gadgets can get really expensive. Before you race to the store and purchase that new tablet, download this iOS app. Decide lets you search for the item of interest and then offers price and model predictions. They’re so confident about they’re predictions, in fact, that they offer a price guarantee. You read that right—Decide will pay the price difference if their predictions are incorrect. You can even receive alerts for the lowest listings on items you want to purchase. Plus, if you want to research your options before purchasing a tech gadget, you can use Decide to find the best-rated options based on product reviews.

Whether you want to save money, rake in the rewards or help research a purchase decision, these apps have you covered! Your only dilemma? Which one to try first!

Let us know which app works for you in the comments. And if you have another favorite shopping app that we missed, we’d love to hear about it! After all, we’re all in this together, right?

Image: Fosforix via Compfight cc

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