3 Spring Break Family Staycation Ideas

spring break staycation ideasSpring has finally arrived, and along with great spring fashions, the season brings plenty of fun, too, especially if you’ve been cooped up with cabin fever! If you’re like us here on the Girls Crochet Headbands team, you’re ready to have some spring break adventures with your kiddos.  If your budget or your calendar says you’re spending spring break at home this year – never fear! There are many family adventures to be had close to home.  We’ve got a few great ideas for making this year’s spring break the rockingest staycation ever!

Turn Your Backyard into a Drive-In Theater

We adore this creative idea from the Kids Activities Blog. With just a few items you can turn your backyard into a fabulous drive-in theater for an unforgettable evening of family fun. Make the kiddos their own cars to sit in out of cardboard boxes and let them decorate their sweet rides with construction paper. Pop some popcorn, buy some theater boxes of candy from the drugstore, or add to the fun by letting the kids help you make cookies or ice cream sundaes for movie treats. Lastly, hang a sheet, grab your laptop and rent a projector (and your favorite movie) and you’re good to go. If the weather’s bad, simply move your theater indoors.

Head Out on a Geocaching Adventure

Have you heard of geocaching? It’s an adventure sport that’s all the rage – and for good reason! It’s basically a high-tech scavenger hunt and can also be an excellent family escapade. To get started, head to a geocaching website like geocaching.com and enter your zip code to find some existing geocache routes.  Then, use your hand-held GPS unit to find hidden boxes of goodies or “caches” that have been stashed away by previous adventurers. When you find a cache, you can take something from it and add an item of your own so that it stays filled. There is also a logbook at each cache so the family can leave a note. Your kids will love leaving their mark, finding all sorts of hidden treasures and having some fun outdoor cache-hunting time with their folks.

Tour Your Town

We’ve all got places right around the corner that we’ve never been in our towns – it’s time to explore what’s nearby! Get online and get the details on all the greatest places you’ve never experienced. Maybe it’s that FroYo place everyone’s raving about, or that one park or bike trail you’ve never checked out. Does your local children’s museum have a rotating exhibit? Check out what’s new! Pick three places and make a day of it. Need extra ideas? Contact your town or county visitor’s bureau and discover an adventure that’s right next door.

Are you ready to have a blast on your family staycation this year or are you hittin’ the road? We can’t wait to hear what family fun ideas you’re cooking up, so leave them in the comments!

Image: pedrosimoes7 via Compfight cc

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