Delightful Pranks to Play on Your Kids

family april fool's day pranksApril Fool’s Day is just around the corner — and that means it’s time for playful pranks and silly shenanigans. A lighthearted, parent-led prank once in awhile can really bring a festive tone into the house and give the kiddos some wonderful childhood memories to cherish. Since the moms on the Girls Crochet Headbands team love to laugh with our kids, we’ve got a few ideas for super-simple, incredibly fun pranks for mom and dad to put together in a jiffy.

Fun With Food

Food-related pranks can really tickle your kiddos’ funny bone. What’s sillier than opening a milk carton and pouring out blue milk? A little food coloring will do the job! Want to hear some surprised shrieks and giggles at breakfast? Fill a box of their favorite cereal with pebbles or sand or swap the contents of two different cereal boxes and you’re set for a hilarious start to your family’s morning. Other fun ideas include gluing googly eyes and mustaches to the milk carton or tub of butter and sending the kids to open the fridge and get some. That’s sure to result in giggles all around!

Mix Up The Morning Routine

If you’re adventurous enough on a weekday, set the clock in the kids’ room back a little and get them up 10 or 15 minutes early in preparation for some morning routine pranks. These may make them giggle but they also may make your family late if you don’t plan ahead! Fun “getting ready” pranks include switching the sock and underwear drawer with the school clothes drawer, putting salt on their toothbrush, and putting newspaper or paper towel stuffing in their shoes so they think their feet have grown overnight! Of course, if you don’t want to get up early, you can just do these pranks one at a time instead of all on the same day. That’s a good way to always keep the kids guessing!

Outdoor Hijinks

Most kids love to have fun in the great outdoors – and it’s fun to prank in the great outdoors as well! A great time to pull a prank is when the kids arrive home from school. Greet them one day with a “For Sale” sign (better yet – with a “Sold” marker on it) in the yard when they get off the bus. Super-glue a quarter to the sidewalk and watch as they try and try to pick it up. Finally, you can also add a few drops of dark blue food coloring to their bike handles (if they’re black) and have a good giggle later as they wonder why their hands are all blue.

Feeling mischievous? Give some of these simple parent pranks a whirl! Does your family enjoy a lighthearted prank? We’d love to hear your favorites in the comments.

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