5 Family Activities to Celebrate Spring

family activities for springIt’s finally and officially spring, and we couldn’t be happier. We moms here on the Shop GCH team are ready to hit the ground running and get out of the house with the kids. If your “fun mom” senses are still thawing out from the long winter, don’t worry – we’re one step ahead. We’ve got five fun ideas to get your family out to enjoy the season, and we totally don’t mind if you pretend you thought of them yourself!

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Got a digital camera or a smartphone camera? Then you’ve got all the tools you need for a fun scavenger hunt with the family. Head outside to your yard and take photos of items already there (a bird’s nest or flower in bloom, for example) or hide some trinkets or treats for the kiddos and photograph them. Then present your family with photos of the items they need to find and set ‘em loose looking. Kids will love the challenge of this outdoor hunt!

Go Down on the Farm

There are few things more fun and awe-inspiring to a child than seeing baby animals in the spring. Head out to a nearby farm park or petting zoo to see fluffy chicks, downy rabbits and wobbly baby goats. Many local metro park systems have an interactive farm experience available, so research what’s available in your area and go have some hands-on fun  down on the farm!

Start a Garden Together

Even if you’re not a pro at gardening, you can still start one with your kiddos this spring! Most stores sell ready-to-go garden sets that are perfect for families just starting out. Let your kids get dirty and have fun helping to dig and plant, and teach them responsibility by giving them the responsibility of watering your future blooms. Seeing the new life blossom is something they can learn from and be proud of.

Puddle Jump and Worm Hunt

Don’t let rainy spring weather keep you from having family fun outdoors. Slap on your rain gear and go get wet and messy!  Kids love puddle jumping and playing in the mud and they can be great sensory learning experiences. Add in a science lesson by going on an earthworm hunt while you’re at it!

Have A Bubble-Palooza

Kids LOVE bubbles, so celebrate spring weather than by having a bubble-palooza in the yard! Don’t just settle for a bottle and a wand; do it up really big to bring in spring! Fun ideas include using a bubble machine, filling up a baby pool with bubble solution and using some giant wands to make super-bubbles, and using shaped bubble wands to make bubbles in squares, hearts, and stars. Other fun ideas include add food coloring to different bottles to make colored bubbles and  purchasing special “sticky” bubbles that don’t pop as quickly.

Are you ready to jump into spring with the family and have some fun? What are your can’t-miss spring activities? We’d love to hear them in the comments!

Image: John-Morgan via Compfight cc


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