Lace Leggings: The Perfect Girls Wardrobe Staple

girls lace leggingsAround here, we love all our many girly offerings. After all, what’s not to love about gorgeous lace rompers, twirly tutu skirts, ruffle-y bloomers, lovely leg warmers and darling hair bows for girls? But there’s one item we sell that’s more than a tad bit underrated: our lace leggings for girls. Lace leggings are as adorable for a special photo session as they are for church on Sunday. And they’re also pretty stinking cute for a play date mid-week. So indulge us, if you will, as we take a second to count just a few of the many ways we big-puffy-heart love them.

They’ve Got The Look

Lace leggings for little girls are just plain adorable. (Not to mention affordable at just $4.49/pair!) Ours have a larger lace pattern that’s sheer enough to be playful and substantial enough to add a dash of panache to every outfit. And they come in colors from basic black to bright turquoise to match any outfit and extra dash of flair.

They’re Oh-So-Functionally FAB!
Our lace leggings do two jobs: one, they’re an adorable addition to any outfit and two; they keep little legs just the right amount of warm. They’re versatile, too; you can pair them with a denim skirt, a twirly tutu, a little cotton skirt, shorts, and of course, a dress or lace romper. The possibilities for these lacy babies are endless!

Lace Leggings Are Unique

We love our lace leggings, but you won’t see them on just any girl. Your little one will stand out in a crowd with these leggings as part of her outfit. If you’ve got a girlie with a fashion-forward style and a feisty attitude, these are the leggings she needs to have to create a look to go with her sparkling personality. And we just bet she can pull them off with sneakers, barefoot sandals, crib shoes, or beautiful bare feet.

Are you busy buying your little one a pair or two of our lace leggings or are you already a fan? What’s your daughter’s favorite way to wear them? We’d love to see photos of your fashionista in our monthly photo contest or on our Facebook page!


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