Girls Fashion: 3 Adorable Ways to Wear Leg Warmers in Spring

how to wear leg warmers in springSpring is in bloom and flowers aren’t the only things blossoming – new fashion trends and spring wardrobes are busting out as well! Has your little girl’s closet made the transition from winter to spring yet? If so, make sure you keep her leg warmers in the “spring” section, because we’ve got three adorable ways to pair leg warmers with her spring outfits.

Flirty Skirty

Little girls look adorable in light spring skirts, whether it’s a twirly tutu or a cotton floral number, and they’re comfortable and easy to play in, too! Leg warmers look great with a spring skirt and they’re extra-cozy on cool spring mornings. If it gets warm while you’re out, simply slip them off and she’s good to go!

Sass Up Those Shorts

Is your little darling just dying to get her shorts on already? If the weather’s a bit cool for shorts, she can still rock ‘em!  She wants to wear shorts, and you want her to stay warm, so compromise by accessorizing those shorts with a pair of coordinating leg warmers. With so many patterns and solids, we’ve got a pair to match everything she owns!  She’ll be comfortable in her shorts without being cold. Spring fashion and function win!

Love ‘Em with Leggings

Leggings are perfect for spring; they’re lightweight, stretchy and perfect for play. And also? They’re begging to be dressed up! Leggings and leg warmers are a huge fashion trend with the adult set, and we bet your kiddo is cool enough to take it on as well! Whether those leggings are lace, solid, or striped, they’ll look super-chic this spring when paired with some adorable leg warmers.

Does your little girl love to rock her leg warmers no matter what season it is? What’s her very favorite way to wear them? We’d love to see pics of your little fashionista on our Facebook page or in our monthly photo contest!

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