Gorgeous Professional Portrait Poses for Babies and Toddlers

baby and toddler professional photo posesIf you’re like most moms, you get absolutely giddy at the thought of getting your baby’s professional portraits taken. It’s so much fun to choose the perfect outfits and accessories, help coax the sweetest smiles out of your little one, and of course “ooh and aah” over the results! To ensure that your baby’s session is, well, “picture perfect” (see what we did there?), it’s a good idea to talk with your photographer beforehand about what props and poses you’d like to see in your baby’s session. After viewing all the wonderful entries in our monthly photo contest, we’ve hand-picked some of our favorite poses for you to consider for your baby’s next turn in front of the camera.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

We’ve seen several cute portraits featuring the use of a mirror as a prop and we just love them! It’s awfully adorable to capture your little one admiring herself. Bigger toddlers can stand up to check out their reflection, while smaller babies can sit or lay on their bellies on the mirror itself when it is set on the floor. This technique also works great outdoors and at home. You can set up a mirror and start snapping for a fun candid shoot right in your own backyard.

Baby In A Basket

We’ll admit it: the sign of a teeny-weeny newborn all snuggled up in a cozy basket makes us swoon. Whether the basket is filled with downy blankets or made into a nest (how adorable is that??) like this photo, the result is the same: completely precious. There are so many ways to accessorize the basket pose, too. Maybe baby is on her belly in the buff, or maybe she’s simply wearing some elegant ruffled bloomers. Whether she’s decked out in a lace romper or simply swaddled in white muslin, this pose is sure to result in a treasured photograph.

Looking Up

Here’s a great trick to catch your baby with a darling expression on her face: have the picture taken from above. If the photographer stands on a pedestal and catches your little love’s attention, you can often get an angelic expression on her face as she looks up in awe and wonder. Shots taken from above are also great to show off a fabulous outfit – so remember this pose if you have outfit changes – it’s one that catches every bit of her charming wardrobe.

Sitting Pretty

Photo after photo has proven that little kid + big furniture = adorable! We love the way this pose on a vintage-looking couch highlights this sweetie’s ruffled romper and gorgeous brown eyes. Pretty furniture as a prop often results in a showpiece photograph and it accentuates what you want to capture – your child is little only for a moment. If you use the same photographer, you can get her photo taken on the same piece year after year to see how she grows and the chair stays the same.

Are you inspired to try some of these poses on your next photo shoot? We certainly hope so – and we can’t wait to see the finished photos entered into our contest!

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