Baby Girl Headbands: The Perfect Baby Gift

baby girl headbandsIf you’ve got little ones running around like we do, chances are most of your friends are in the “baby phase” as well. And THAT means you’re probably getting invited to a lot of baby showers. If the baby-to-be is a little baby girl, we’ve got the perfect present! Baby girl headbands are a baby gift that the mom-to-be will truly be thankful for, and that you’ll enjoy giving.

Perfectly Priced

To start, baby girl headbands make such a great gift is that they’re adorable and affordable! From 38 cents to $3.99, you can afford to get several headbands for the baby girl you’re gifting to ensure that she’ll have one to match her every outfit. And since babies go through several clothes changes in their early days, she’ll always have the right accessory when it’s time for a wardrobe switch.

Super Stretchy

Another great thing about headbands? They grow with baby! The baby may need a whole new wardrobe every three months as she quickly outgrows her clothes, but her headbands will fit her from cradle to classroom. These stretchy headbands will look great on baby as she grows into toddlerhood, preschool, and beyond.

Easily Accessorized

Finally, baby girl headbands are incredibly versatile. Newborns can wear four of our darling headband styles: crochet, elastic, lace, and Shabby Chic. Not only do we have the colors that she needs, but the styles for every outfit as well! Our crochet (38 cents), elastic (49 cents), and lace (59 cents) styles are perfect when worn with our flower hair clips or adorable hair bows, and our Shabby Chic Headband ($3.99) comes ready-to-wear with two darling blooms of its own. There are literally hundreds of color and accessory combinations available – try one of our promo packs to start out with some great combinations and an even better price.

Are you ready to shop? Head on over and take a look at our huge headband selection. We guarantee your gift will be the most appreciated at the next shower you attend. And if you have any photos of the beautiful newborn lady, we’d love to see them on our Facebook page!

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