How To Choose The Right Swimsuit For Your Baby

how to buy a baby swimsuitIf your little beach baby is ready for some fun in the sun (or at the pool), don’t worry–we’ve got her, well, covered! All of us on the Girls Crochet Headbands team are ready to get our little ones swim-ready. The hard part? Making sure we don’t simply give in to our fashionable sides and choose the cutest suit available. We’ve got to put the practical in to play as well and put some time and effort into purchasing suits that are the best and safest for our little ones! If you’re in the same boat (pun intended!), we thought we’d share our swimsuit shopping tips.

baby girl swimsuit with hatCovered Is Key

Babies and toddlers actually have thinner skin than adults do, so they burn more easily in the sun. Thinner skin also means a sunburn on a baby or toddler is more serious than it is on an older child or adult, so it’s vital to protect your baby’s skin in the sun. All of this boils down to one fact: that baby bikini may be adorable, but it’s probably not the best choice to protect your child. To ensure the most complete protection for your little one, choose a suit with protective fabric – SPF 30 or higher – and one with a rashguard  short or long-sleeve shirt style instead of a sleeveless or bikini top. There are many adorable prints and patterns in this kind of suit for girls and matching shirt-and-trunk ensembles for boys. Or try a swimsuit like our Black/Hot Pink Polka Dot Swimsuit ($12.99) or Leopard Swimsuit ($12.99) that comes with an adorable matching swim hat that keeps her precious face protected from the sun.  You may spend a little more on suits during their younger years, but protecting them from sunburn will be worth every penny!

Don’t Forget The Fit

Another thing that can’t be ignored when picking out a swimsuit for baby is fit. Swimsuits should fit snugly so they don’t gap, pull to one side, or sag on the bottom. All straps should be tight enough to stay put but not so tight that they leave marks or cut off circulation. If a suit is too loose, it will slip, exposing unprotected skin to the sun and causing burns, so make sure the suit you choose has a snug fit as well as SPF protection.

Are you ready for some fun in the sun this spring and summer? Take these tips with you when you shop for your baby’s swimsuit and you’re sure to find a suit that is both functional and fabulous! We’d love to see some pics of your bathing beauty on our Facebook page. And don’t forget the sunscreen when you head to the water!

Image: Julie, Dave & Family via Compfight cc


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